Valentine’s Day 365 Days A Year

4 years ago

greatest is love

I love Valentine’s Day and all of the so-called commercial holidays for that matter. Quite frankly I am tired of all you naysayers pissing on my fun.

Look, I get it. I totally agree with your rant on the commercialism concept. And yes, I do realize I do not need a day on the calendar to tell me when and how to love someone.

However, what does it say about you when in your protest you are basically campaigning against love. You dig your heels in for the sake of proving a point and you shun love in the process.

This is not a plea to jump on the world’s view of Valentine’s Day bandwagon. On the contrary, it is a plea to simply express love 365 days a year. Just so we are clear that includes Valentine’s Day.

The greatest command given is to love the Lord with all our heart, soul and min and second to love our neighbor like our self.

What greater day to show the love of Christ than on a day when the world is already predisposed to spreading love. I’m not talking about a day to Bible thump. I’m talking about a day to teach and show love.

As a mom, I am the reflection of the love of Christ to my kids. Do I want them to grow up with a harden heart on Valentines Day or do I want them to see it as an opportunity to show extra love?

For us that means joyfully making Valentine’s Day cards for our classmates, making teacher gifts, writing love notes to our family members, making a special dinner together, doing random acts of kindness and challenging each other to a game of I love you because…

For the record, what I just described (minus the Valentine’s Day cards) happens on a regular basis. It is who we are as a family. It is who we will always be, even on Valentine’s Day.

Before I step off my soap box, I challenge you to spread a little extra love today.

*Call a friend (not text, not e-mail, not face book) and tell them you been thinking of them and ask if there is anything they need you can pray about for them.

*Buy coffee for the person behind you.

*Leave a “love note” on cars displaying military plates.

*Offer to baby sit for a single mom.

*Create a random acts of kindness scavenger hunt for the kids.

*Invite the neighbors over for dessert.

*Hug and kiss your kids and let them know how much you really, really love them.

*Go out and be a light in this dark world by smiling at strangers, saying thank you to retail workers, open doors, demonstrate patience and love.

*Then go out and do it all over again tomorrow!

Stepping off my soap box…

~Happy Valentine’s Day~


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