Use 'beans' as a theme!

4 years ago

For ages 3-5, just some floor space needed, and 20mins of FUN!

I’ve used this fun activity for as long as I can remember. It is a great way of developing a child’s co-ordination/gross motor skills.


Key vocabulary: jump, tall, small, shake, wiggle, stretch, still, wide.

Key questions: Can you pretend to be…?

The activity: Explain to your child that you are going to play the ‘Bean’ game. Talk about what a bean is. What different types of beans have they enjoyed eating? What colour are they? What flavour are they?

Name a few examples of beans and ask your child to make the shape/make a movement to represent that type of bean.

Runner beans: dart/run around,

Jumping beans: bounce and jump around,

Broad beans: wide shapes,

Chilli beans: frozen shapes,

Jelly beans: wiggle and shake,

Beans on toast: lie down,

Kidney beans: curl up,

Green beans: straight and tall.

Now try the same but with a pasta theme!

Spaghetti: wiggle and shake,

Angel hair: hands and fingers wiggling and waving,

Canelloni: crouch into a ball,

Conchiglie: curl into a shell shape,

Penne: straight and tall.

Now try  a Mr Men theme!

Make the movement for different Mr Men: Mr Funny, Mr Bounce, Mr Tickle, Mr Wobble, Little Miss mischief etc.

This is a great entertaining activity. You’ll have heaps of fun whilst developing balance, movement, body awareness and control.

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