An Unexpected Surprise

5 years ago

The day started out just like any other day. I got up lazily late and made my way to the bathroom. Just like every other morning, the bathroom is my first stop, especially at almost 38 weeks pregnant. This time, however, I notice something different. As I pull down my pajama bottoms and panties, I notice a little wetness but don’t think much of it.

An hour later just arriving at work, I feel a wetness through my panties. As I return to the bathroom, I think, Did I accidentally pee myself without knowing? No, that can’t be possible. I even feel the liquid on my pants and wonder, What the heck is that? It even went through the panty liner I put on (I had put one on just in case so I wouldn’t have to feel any wetness if it occurred again…too bad it didn’t help). For curiosity sakes, I must answer the question if it might be pee, not having a clue how it could have possibly happened. So I slowly remove the panty liner and can’t imagine what I’m about to smell…just the thought of it grosses me out. But I smell nothing. There is no urine smell…no sweet smell, bad smell, or pungent smell. There is no smell at all. What the heck does that mean?

As I’m on a work break, after another hour, it happens again. This time I pay more attention. But it’s the same thing…liquid, no smell. So I text my NICU sister, who also has two kids–one just 5 1/2 weeks earlier, explaining what’s been going on.

She says, “I think your water might have broken.”

I reply, “There is no way. There isn’t a big gush like in the movies. It’s just a little bit of liquid.”

She says, “This isn’t the movies (duh I know this). There are several different ways your water can break.”

Not that I didn’t believe her, but I have never heard of water breaking in any way except gushing out, so I look it up online.

She is right. Your water can break in many different ways. I’m still not convinced it’s that. I’ve been willing my child to come after the first week in November, and it’s only October 27th. I just don’t want a Halloween baby or one born around Halloween. I know it might sound ridiculous (my sister thinks it does), but I just don’t. I’m due November 12, and my doctor said he will be early…or certainly not a late baby. Most of all, I’m just not prepared in any way for him to arrive. I still have things to do…finish packing and get emotionally ready are at the top of that list.

My sister says, “I really think you are leaking amniotic fluid. That’s not good for the baby, because he can get infections. You need to call the doctor.”

I reply, “It’s the weekend; no one will be there.”

She says, “There will be an on-call nurse.”

Obviously I had never asked my doctor about this type of situation. I should have been more prepared. Thank goodness for my sis.

I call my doctor and leave my information for the nurse to call me back. Within five minutes, I get a call.

I explain what’s been happening so far today, and the nurse says that I need to come in. I reply, “My insurance doesn’t cover false labor, so I need to make sure it’s actual labor.”

She says, “I’ve never heard of that before.”

I say, “Well it doesn’t. I’ve spoken to the insurance about it several times.”

She says, “Well I need you to do a test. Drink 24 oz of water and then completely empty your bladder. Completely empty it. Then walk around for 30 minutes and see if it happens again. If it does you need to go to OB Triage in the hospital.”

I reply, “Okay, but I’m at work. Do I need to leave work?”

She says, “Yes.”

“I do?”

“Well, I guess you can do it at work, but yes you really should leave work.”

“Okay, thank you.”

I text my sister and tell her what the nurse says. She explains to me that she is on her way home, needs to shower, then pump and will come get me, since she is my ride to the hospital. I tell her okay, but we don’t know yet if I need to go, but I’ll keep her posted.

Great, so now I have to tell my boss that I need to go home. I find my boss, not sure what he will say but also knowing I have to do what I have to do. I know he will understand, but just the thought of having to tell him overwhelms me. As I begin to explain the situation, my eyes well up. I don’t even know why I’m getting emotional. Maybe it’s the fact that I have to leave work (I pride myself in being a good worker). Maybe it’s the fact that I have no idea why I’m leaking. Or maybe it’s because I have no idea what the leaking might mean. At this point, I’m just overcome with emotion. My boss handles it very well and tells me to go home and to let him know what happens.

I don’t tell a single person, outside my boss, that I’m leaving or why. I just gather my things and walk out the door. I don’t want to have to explain what’s going on or answer any questions…I don’t have any answers.

As I drive home, I have to make a stop at Wal-mart. I ordered a few last minute baby things online, and they have arrived at the store. As I get my Wallie things, I call my two best friends and tell them the situation. They are nervous, because they don’t know what to expect either. They can’t believe I stopped at Wallie on my way home. Then again I have to get these things just in case this turns out to be something more.

As I get home, my sister texts me that she is getting in the shower.

I say, “Thanks for the play by play.”

She says, “I just want you to know, in case you try to text me and I don’t reply.”

Good point, because I’d probably get worried and wonder, What the heck? Why isn’t she answering my text?!

I do my best to drink the 24 oz of water as quickly as I can. With my nerves in a ball, it’s not easy. I just want this test to be done, so I can know if I need to go to the hospital. I walk around my place for a long 30 minutes, checking the clock literally every two minutes, which just makes the time drag out even more. One of my best friends calls to check on me. I say, “It hasn’t even been 30 minutes.”

She says, “Yes it has. Look at the time.”

“Okay it has just now been 30 minutes. I need time to see if anything happens after.”

“Let me know when you know something.”

“I will.”

We all anxiously await “the results.”

A co-worker friend texts me, “I noticed you left work, is everything ok?”

How thoughtful of her! It’s great to have people in my life who care. I reply by explaining my day and tell her I will keep her posted.

My sister says she is going with her husband to dinner and to text her when I know something. I nervously sit around on my couch…anxious for leakage. I didn’t want leakage to happen before and now I do…because then I would know something. There is nothing worse to me then not knowing.

You go into the doctor and say you don’t feel well. The doctor can’t find out what’s wrong with you. You go to the shop to get your car fixed. The service agent tells you he can’t find anything wrong with it. Well it shouldn’t make that sound. You shouldn’t feel that way. Still it does and you do…And yet, no one has any answers for you. Nothing is worse than that!

As I watch show after show on TV, I realize time is passing, and nothing has happened. No leakage. No wetness. No nothing….and yes, no answers.

I relay this information to my best friends, co-worker, and sister, as I sit around disappointed that I left work for nothing. And even more disappointed that I have no earthly idea what the leakage could have been. Dang it…I hate not having an answer. Little did I know, I would get my answer sooner than I expected.

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