Unexpected Realities of Parenthood

6 years ago
 Milo post visit to the playground!

Whilst pregnant with Milo and in the days pre-pregnancy when I would sporadically (once a year at most I'd say!) imagine what it would be like to be a parent I would think of the obvious changes that come with having children:

  • Less and regularly interupted sleep
  • Having to change smelly nappies
  • Crying babies

etc etc. Since having had Milo and now being the mother of a 2 year old toddler I have realised that there are oh so many parenting experiences that I just hadn't taken into consideration. Not that had I known of these, I would have taken a different path when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. It's just that there are all these other little occurances that appear post-child that I hadn't even considered. So here is a short list of the some of those that I have experienced...

Indoor Sandpit
With children comes sandpits, with sandpits comes sand. Lots of sand!!! Now that the weather has changed for the better Milo and I head over to the playground straight after Kita (nursery/daycare) to spend a couple of hours swinging, bouncing, sliding and playing with diggers in the sand. It's lovely to be able to make the most of the fresh air and take in some sun (although not too much of course!). However, as of 2 weeks ago my apartment has become akin to an indoor sandpit! It's everywhere. EVERYWHERE! I can't get rid of the stuff. It doesn't seem to matter how many times I hoover I am still constantly finding it underfoot and it's even managed to find its devious way into my bed?! My bed of all places?! This is especially odd as I make and collapse my bed daily. To try and limit the amount that gets brought in from outside, I tend to start to undress Milo as we make our way up the stairs to my second floor apartment, taking of his shoes and trousers en route. Still doesn't seem to make much difference though!

Now we all know that kids get sick alot, especially once they've entered an environment in which they're around other kids all the time such as nursey, school, this is no big news but I wasn't prepared for how regularly I would get sick as well. I should have realised really afterall if you are in close proximity to a sick person for a large amount of time (and I definitely am) then you would of course in all likelihood catch a number of said illnesses. I've caught most of them! Things have calmed down now with Milo's illness. He used to be pretty much permanently ill but now it's less regular which I am hoping will also mean that I will enjoy some longer periods of good health. When I was with 'The Lawyer' I would often get frustrated that despite living a far healthier lifestyle and eating far healthier then he did, he would seldom get sick whilst I spent most of our 6 months together in some form of disrepair from illness!

10 months of pregnancy (yes really, pregnancy does last that long), 10 months of breast feeding and then regularly pushing a pushchair have all done terrible things for my posture. I actually recall 4 years ago, a work colleague commenting on how good posture I had and now look at me. I sometimes feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame the way my shoulders tip forward and I am constantly having to remind myself to sit up straight before I end up losing half a foot in height due to a hunch. I don't have alot of feet to lose!

This one has actually gotten better since Milo turned one or so but before then, whenever we went anywhere I always had to take soooooooooo much stuff around with me. Back before he was being weened onto solids my bag had to include:

  •  Nappies
  • Breast pads (ask a breast feeding mum what these are if you have no idea)
  • A couple of changes of clothes in case Milo had an excesive toilet break...yes, you know what I mean
  • Wipes
  • Water (breast feeding makes you super thirsty and it's very important to drink lots of liquids)
  • A spare top for me. In the early days I would often leak milk (perhaps too much info I know, sorry any males reading this!) despite the breast pads and so to save embarrassment having a spare top was always handy although of course I sometimes forgot and was in fact left embarrassed!
  • Changing Matt - for nappy changes

and then once they start drinking other liquids and eating you then have a whole extra load of paraphernalia to remember to pack. Not forgetting of course all your normal items you would have in your bag when leaving the house ie. keys, wallet, phone etc etc. There's alot that can be said for the toddler years and the fact that, in a city at least, there will always be somewhere to go to get food for your child without you needing a load of bottles and jars in your bag.

Ok, so that's my little list. I'm sure there's more things but I can't remember any right now. Do you have any of your own to add? If so, please do tell me in the'comments' section.

I love to read your comments so please feel free to let me know what you think...



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