Um, Awkward! Some Things You Should Just Never Say

5 years ago
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The other day I saw my next door neighbor for the first time in over a year.

She was out in her yard, and I walked over with the girls to quickly say "Hello" and let them pet her dog. Neighbor Lady says, "It's so good to see you!!!!!!!!!" Then she shifts her eyes rather pointedly toward my stomach, wiggles her eyebrows up and down, and excitedly says, "Are you?...." Of course the unspoken word was obviously "Pregnant?!"

I'm not.


So, here's how it played out. I gave a terse shake of my head and said "No," probably rather grumpily.

She quickly replied with, "Oh-I-was-just-asking-because-you-said-you-wanted-to-keep-going [with having more kids]."

Okay, that's true. But... awkward.

Fortunately we were saved by my girls chattering about Neighbor Lady's dog and how he looks like our dog who died (this might have been slightly awkward itself in a different moment, but as it was, it was quite refreshing), and about their hopes for future purchases of bicycles and stuffed hummingbirds and other random, innocent, oblivious things.

Then, Me: "Okay, gotta go!"

And as I walk away, the final parting shot, Her: "You look great!"


'Kay. Here's the deal. Yes, I do still have about 10 pounds I'd like to lose since having Baby Sis. Yes, she is 13 months old. Yes, my belly is squishier than it has ever been before.

I look okay. Not great. Okay.

But still. There are just some things you should never say. Right?

I'm someone who gains 50+ pounds when pregnant. I have tried to exercise and eat well during the three times that I have been growing another human within my body, but I gain insane amounts of weight even when I do this.

So. I have given in to just eating ice cream and becoming huge, knowing that I can lose it all after the fact.



It worked out pretty well the first two times.

This is me the day I found out I was pregnant with Miss:


About 8 months after Miss was born and shortly before I became pregnant with Lass:


Around 8 weeks pregnant with Lass:


After having Miss, I came close to regaining my pre baby body fairly quickly (of course it didn't seem quick at the time, but now...).

After Lass I came a little less close, a little less quickly, but still got fairly near my goal.

Around 9 months after Lass was born:


About 9 weeks pregnant with Sis:


Now, 13 months after having Sis I am still nowhere near my goal weight, or even the weight I was when I got pregnant with her (which still wasn't quite to my goal weight).

Crap, it's a lot harder to get there this third time around! I know I can't really complain, because I haven't done the work to get there...


But it still feels pretty crappy to have my neighbor look at my (poofy but not that poofy) stomach and ask if I'm pregnant.


So the moral of the story? Never ask someone if she's pregnant. Just don't do it.

If it isn't completely obvious, you are playing with fire.

Even if it is completely obvious, sometimes it's not really, so you're still playing with fire.

And truly, if someone is pregnant, and you can't tell by looking, and she's not talking about it, maybe she doesn't want you to know. Just don't do it.


I've hit the CrossFit workouts pretty hard the past two days. Nothing like a little motivation.

Thanks Neighbor Lady :)