Trim A Bush

5 years ago

A while back my niece was telling me about her boyfriend's family meeting for family days and we started discussing how cool that was! That's when we decided we should start that with our family, I hadn't seen much of my mom's family and I felt like I had grown apart from them. There's so many reasons, one, growing up my father was controlling and abusive and didn't allow my mom to spend a whole lot of time with her family. So in turn, I didn't build the same bonds as the rest of them did with each other and it didn't help that I was a whoopsie so I'm ten years younger then most of my cousins and my brother and sister. When he left we began to see more of the family but then my mom married again and well we he didn't really like going so it began again!

Then came the teenage years and I didn't make the wisest choices in life. Not to blame anyone for my mistakes but I think maybe I was looking for love, my dad was always in my life but he could only father as well as he knew how. My decisions also played a role for my detachment, I got pregnant at 16 and made some very dumb choices because I didn't know what to do. I think sometimes we forget that kids don't always make the best choices and I'm sorry. I was a kid and I'm a different person now. I don't think they know but my mom was very hurt by the fact that some were mad at me and told me some secret stuff to let me know that they were not perfect either and I have never judged them, never!

Sometimes, we're put in a place in life where you don't know what to do and you have to do something and your decision seems right at the time but looking back it wasn't right. I admit that, but I guess sometimes others don't see their imperfections as well or maybe you just think, no one knows or that everyone forgot. Another reason is half of us live about 45 to and hour away and well it's just too far. Either way I love all my family including aunts, uncles and cousins. I hoped for a reunion, not only for a day but a reunion for life. Well we only live once that I know of and that's when I began to make calls to everyone, pitching the idea of family day once a month. I got mixed reactions and not everyone shows up, but those of us who do, have grown so close!

We have had several, and it has been great! The first one we had was a potluck at my house and we talked and got to know each other again, we have went out to eat and got together and met at other's houses and it is a blast, everytime! Well last night was game night, we decided on appetizers for the menu and it turned into a full buffet hahaha , we love our food! We played "The game of Things" and we couldn't stop laughing! It's a game where you ask a question and you submit answers and then you take turns guessing who wrote what. One of the questions was, "What do you hope you can still do at age 85?" One of my aunt's answer was, "Trim a bush" OMG, hilarious, we didn't guess it was her until the end, she swears she was referring to shrubbery but I don't know? We laughed so hard at some points that my stomach hurt and tears ran down our faces.

Great times like this have rebuilt our bonds and our kids know each know everyone's names now, yes, that's how bad it was. I'm so grateful for the role models that my kids and the love they now have and they were missing out on. I didn't have many people to give school pictures out to before but last night one of my aunt's said "When you get school pictures send us some so we can put them up", little statements like that, are what warms your heart. I hope everyone else comes along and family fun day continues to grow. I thought that life was good how it was, well the more love, the more laughs, the more good times, just brings more peace and satisfaction in the one life were given, let's make the best of it! 

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