Traveling to China (...or taking the twins to's all the same)

5 years ago

At some point, you have to take your kids somewhere. This is a terrifying concept for new Moms of Multiples, because you have two (or more!) chances of someone absolutely losing their religion in the middle of Target, or Olive Garden, or church. However, the best defense is a good offense, so here are some items that are must haves in my diaper bag.

Changing the Baby

  • Wipes. I don't mean that cute little Huggies tiny wipes case. I mean, go ahead and take a refill packet and put it in there.
  • At least two extra diapers/diaper cover and inserts per child. A lap pad or changing table cover to shield your child from the ebola virus germs that are present on public changing tables.
  • A small tube of diaper rash cream.
  • Arm and Hammer baking soda diaper disposal bags (for when you are at a friend's house who does not have a diaper pail)
  • Extra pants and onesie for when your child blows it up and it gets on you any little accidents that may occur.


  • If breastfeeding, a feeding cover or an extra stroller blanket.
  • A bottle cooler to store bottled milk.
  • If formula feeding, a premeasured formula container.
  • A couple of bottles of water just in case. A couple of snack options that are small (mini boxes of Goldfish, individual boxes of cereal, pouch smoothies, puffs, etc.). These will save your sanity in a restaurant.
  • A couple of spoons sealed in a plastic snack bag (although I love the spoons that you can screw onto a pouch and squirt the food onto the spoon!)
  • Your favorite bottles, sippies, etc.
  • Bibs


We usually keep two toys per child on hand. These are their Skwish balls, a favorite book, a play cell phone, etc. Something small that will hold their attention is perfect for a doctor's office waiting room and it keeps your cell phone and nasty, germy keys away from them.


Two pacifiers per child. One will inevitably get thrown overboard. Pacifier clips are awesome as well.

Medicine/First Aid

  • I keep a small cosmetic bag in the girls' diaper bag that contains:
  • A small bottle of infant Tylenol
  • A small tube of Orajel
  • A thermometer
  • Children's Benadryl and a medicine dispensing syringe (given our history)
  • A mini first aid kit (you can get these in the trial and travel section for 97 cents!)
  • Boogie Wipes


Depending on the age of your child, a receiving blanket per child and/or a stroller blanket is necessary.

Sanity Savers

These are for the parents. No, I am not including "airplane bottles" on this list ;)

  • Tylenol or Ibuprofen (for you)
  • Hair tie
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Kleenex packet
  • A Crystal Light powder for bottled water in case you get thirsty.
  • A Mommy Hook for the stroller (bags, etc.)
  • An extra shirt (Meredith peed all down the front of mine at a doctor's appointment when she was 4 weeks old. Nothing like walking back through a crowded waiting room with a pee soaked shirt.)

Right now, I have a Carter's brand black and pink polka dotted diaper bag that gets the job done. However, one day when I win the lottery save enough money, I am dying for a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag. They even make a bag for MoMs, so I would love that! :)

What is the one item in your diaper bag that you can't live without?

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