Traveling Alone… Not My Cup of Tea

3 years ago

I did a bunch of traveling this past year. Some was obligatory, some was work related, and some was for pure fun. All of it was exciting.

In addition to simply ‘running away from home’… I like to explore new places and see new things… especially in the USA. Drive, fly, bike, or walk… makes no difference to me… as long as I get to see something new.

Thanks to friends and family I was able to travel like royalty, staying in the best places… yet on a pauper’s bank roll. I don’t personally own a timeshare, yet I benefit as some owners received bonus weeks, and others simply couldn’t use all their allotted time… which they generously passed on to me as long as I paid the exchange rate.

All in all I had a wonderful time wherever I went. However… I learned I really dislike traveling by myself. I am not shy… not by any stretch of the imagination, and easily make conversation wherever I go. While in an Arizona bar I struck up a conversation with a local couple, who told me about all the ‘off the beaten path’ places I HAD to see. One of them was a hiking trail up to a strong vortex. As I parked the car in the lot I noticed another single female walking towards the trail and offered to ‘buddy up’ with her. She was thrilled. It turned out this was her first hike since her knee surgery. She kept me moving!!! When things got tough climbing I would remind myself, “If she can do it with her recovering knee… then so can I!”

After the hike we parted ways. I continued on to phase two of the beautiful day the local couple laid out for me. I was to go to a specific roof top bar at sunset, named View 180… grab a Prickly Pear Margarita and watch as the red rocks BLAZED themselves to sleep. OH! What a spectacular sight!!! Just an hour before I was climbing those very rocks… and now I was watching as they turned every shade of red, maroon, and purple. AWESOME!

There was no one to share this experience with. I was the only one in the place… well, except for the wait staff. I decided right there and then that I HATED traveling by myself. Yes, I would remember this sight for as long as I live… but the ‘people person’ side of me wanted so desperately to share this moment with someone.

2014 is filling fast with travel plans… but all trips have a purpose and a travel buddy, or at the very least someone to visit at the other end. I just won’t be taking any trips to vacation destinations by myself any time soon.

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Deb Hathaway


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