Toys Toys and more toys!!

3 years ago

I'm not sure how my girls don't feel like they are drowning each time they enter their bedrooms.  There are toys everywhere!!  I know that most kids' rooms aren't clean, and I don't really expect them to be as tidy as the rest of the house.  But I'm not joking when I tell you that last year, my youngest daughter hid an Easter egg in her room (a real one) and we didn't find it until 3 months later, resting in a corner underneath about 10 stuffed animals. Anyway, the closets are probably the worst.  They are stacked with toys upon toys upon toys.  So, my girls literally have no idea what is at the very bottom.  The closet is where I usually start when it comes time to release some of the toy burden. If anyone knows what I am talking about, can you please let me know how to tackle this?  I've tried two different ways.

1.  I have cleaned everything out myself.  Meaning, any toy that I haven't seen them playing with since they were toddlers, I gave away or trashed.  This was my favorite method until one day, my daughter asked me where one of her ancient toys were, and I had to tell her the truth.  Not so pleasant to hear that I threw away the best sock monkey ever.

2.  Let my girls help clean.  We all go through everything together and they get to decide what stays and what goes.  It turns out that when I do it this way, the only things they choose to go to the "give away/trash" pile are the McDonald's kids meal toys.  So, this way doesn't clear out nearly enough.

Does anyone have any other way of going about this?  Suggestions?  Preferences?  Any help would be great, as both girls have birthdays coming up, and of course, that means more damn toys.  And yes, I realize I am part of the problem for buying some of the said toys.

Sorry that this is more of a cry for help than it is a blog post.  But this mama needs all the help she can get.  

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