Tips for Flying Alone with Baby

5 years ago

I've flown a handful of times with E so far.  I've compiled a list of handy tips to make flying with your baby as easy as possible.

1.  I wear Elisabeth through security.  That is one less thing you have in your arms.  You will have to get patted down, but it's easier and quicker in my opinion.

2.  You can bring baby liquids through security.  {Only enough for the plane ride etc}  You will have to let security do a vapor test on them.  You open up the bottle/sippy cup, security holds a paper strip over the opening, they place it in some machine, and then let you go.

3.  Most airlines do not charge you to gate check your car seat, stroller, or pack n play.  Make sure you check with your airline first though.

4.  Diaper bags also don't usually count as one of your carry on bags. 

5a.  Bring more diapers then you think you would need for the flight.  I have no idea why, but babies love to poop on planes.  There is a changing table in the tiny bathroom.  It unlatches above the toilet.

5b.   I do not bring my cloth diapers on planes.  It's to much when I'm flying alone.  I do make sure to bring the little plastic bags that are powder scented to throw her poop diapers in.  I throw them in the bathroom trash so I try to be as polite about stink as possible.  {Honestly the way plane bathrooms smell it usually isn't an issue}

6.  Get an aisle seat.  You will have to get up.  You will also have the most room if your baby wants to start flailing their arms or moving around a little.

7.  Board last.  You will have to do what I call the baby walk of shame {every person on that plane will watch you walk past and judge you for having the loud crying baby even if your baby isn't making any noise.  I suggest staring straight ahead with your head held high}  Once you are on the plane you are stuck in your little seat for quite awhile until you are in the air.  That means no standing and holding, no doing the mom bounce and jiggle.  Wait as long as possible before you board.

8.  If you are wearing your baby know that it is technically illegal to wear your baby on an airplane.  I've had some flight attendants just tell me this to cover their own butts, and some actually make me take E out of what ever she was in.

9.  Bring a bunch of little toys.  Switch them out a lot.  Do not wait until your baby gets bored with one.  I keep a rotation on toys hidden.  I do not let her know that I have 10+ toys on me.  She will want them all and then get bored with them all in 10 minutes.

10.  Bring snacks!  Finger foods, sippy cups, etc..  Also because I'm a germaphobe I buy the kid friendly sticky throw away place mats for the tray.

11.  Have multiple things of wipes.  You will have to wipe butts, hands, toys, etc..  Have one somewhere handy with easy access. 

12.  If you are going to feed LO during take off, do not start until you are actually on the runway and the pilot actually starts to take off.  I cannot tell you how many times we've been told we are "next" to take off, I put E on the boob and we are still on the tarmac 30 minutes later.

13.  Don't stress.  90% of the flight staff I've encountered with E has been AMAZING!  Also most of the other people on the plane are happy to talk to her and interact with her.

14.  Don't stress!  Try and remain as calm as possible.

Do you have any tips to add?
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