Three Peas in a Mailbox

5 years ago

Almost four years ago, I left everything behind except for my kitchen table, pictures, books, and my sanity. The monkeys and I started fresh. We worked on healing and coming together as a family of three. One night, not long after we moved into our little townhouse, I had a weird notion that we needed a family motto.


Supertween came up with "three peas in a pod."


Timesboy came up with "three envelopes in a mailbox."

And the squabbling began. And went on. He hated peas. She thought mailboxes were stupid. I suggested three wet cats in a bag, but that just induced more arguing and howls. I tried what I thought was a great compromise, "three peas in a mailbox."


Needless to say, we never came up with a motto that night.


Over the next few years, I would occasionally bring up the "three peas in a mailbox" but they never seemed to warm to the idea. Not even when Timesboy quit hating peas with all his heart. Mehhh, I thought it was a cute idea...


Fast forward to my birthday recently. When I opened my present from Supertween, I got the shock of my life. Best. Present. Ever. Lest you miss it, those are three (styrofoam, for posterity) peas. In a mailbox. A mailbox that Supertween covered in EVERYTHING I love. Might have been a little stalker-y if anyone else had decoupaged all of these things. Kale, a Canadian flag, Texas, Kavalier and Clay, Pinterest, Nutella, Salted caramel gelato, Pinterest, "Weeds", monkeys, and more- she got it all. I will keep this mailbox and three peas forever.


Tonight, after I broke the news of breaking up with my longterm boyfriend to my kids, Timesboy and Supertween both brought up the peas. Both said, within seconds of each other, that we really are three peas in a mailbox. So I guess we did create a family motto, after all.

Three Peas...

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