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6 years ago
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I turn 30 next week.


I'm actually really pumped about this new decade. Several years ago Duff asked me what I thought it would be like to turn 30, and who I thought I'd be.  It's been fun to compare what I said (the things I remember, anyway) and who I actually am. For some reason I pictured myself as a brunette back then. Not gonna happen.

I think of the thirties as a time to settle in and stand up straight. A decade without as much of the awkward orientation that seems to hover over the twenties, and with more self-acceptance. And confidence.

I'd go so far as to say that turning 30 makes me feel a little empowered. When I feel hesitant to try something or insecure about move I'm making, the voice in my head's been saying, "Whatever! I'm 30. I do what I want."

And I haven't even had my birthday yet.

I remember walking down the street in college the day before I turned 20, wondering if I'd done all the things I'd wanted to do in my teens. I realized I hadn't, so I grabbed a 6-pack and ran to the closest parlor for a fairy tattoo.

Just kidding. I probably led a bible study or something.

As I stand on the brink of my thirties, I'm happy with where my life went in my twenties. And several times, I've found myself giggling at what's happening in my life as I start into this next decade.

Like when I make up love songs for my Crock Pot.

Or win a prize at MOPS for having been vomited on most recently.


So here's to my thirties.

To standing tall,

firmly planted feet,

and a lot to look forward to.




(Like celebrating my husband's fortieth birthday next year. Want to feel young? Marry someone older. Holla*!)






*Yeah, I said Holla. I'm 30! I do what I want.



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