thoughts on motherhood … is it really harder for g. paltrow?

3 years ago

i don’t think women have ever been big fans of gwyneth paltrow – she’s blonde and thin and famous and well i think ever since she dated brad pitt in the 90s, a lot of women have just been turned off by anything that she puts out. now it seems that moms have bonded together against gwyneth in response to her recent comments made about her work life and hinting that it may be harder than the average, every-day working mom. this has shot off a firestorm of activity of those opposing those sentiments.

loosely speaking, she was trying to communicate that because she is a film star that her job takes her away from home, and she doesn’t usually bring her children (to not uproot their lives while she’s on set), and her work days are long and unpredictable which takes away time from seeing her children while filming. she compared her job as a film star to an average 9-5 working mom that has a set schedule and time that she’s around her children, caring for them … making it easier to see them, etc. women jumped all over that and lit gwyneth up because of her remarks. how can a millionaire, celebrity have a more difficult life than a working average mom? how can gwyneth have it worse?

it’s made me think about motherhood and how we each have our own concerns and worries about being dedicated parents in our children’s upbringings. who’s to say what life is more difficult when raising children since we are all leading such different lives? gwyneth’s children are products of celebrities. they do not go without anything, they are [seemingly] raised by two loving parents – both who have jobs that pull them away from home. that’s a choice that both gwyneth and chris martin made. they film movies and go on tour because that’s their job … that’s what they signed up for. your average working mom has her 9-5 job and her schedule because that’s what she signed up for … and she may not even have a choice because in most american homes both parents might have to work to sustain the family. it’s not ideal when your childcare doesn’t look the way you want it to – while gwyneth and chris have the luxury to pay for any type of childcare that works for their family.

on the flip side, gwyneth’s job requires her to be off-site a lot which means  time away from her children. although it’s a choice of profession, it takes time away from her kids which is a downfall for her … it’s hard for her to be away from them. so, who are we to judge on who has it worse? can’t we all call it even and state that no one has the perfect situation? i’m betting even some stay-at-home moms would love to have a job to help them get outta the house every once and a while sans kids.

when we announced i was pregnant, i can’t tell you the amount of times people asked if i was going to stay at home because i was having twins. do most moms with 2 kids become stay at home moms? it was the weirdest thought to me … and usually i scoffed and replied, “no, i have a career” or “no, i plan on returning to work.” and then the day care question pops up – “well what will you do about daycare?!”  let’s see … pay for it? it was our decision to start a family and bring these beautiful girls into the world, the least i can do is find someone to watch them while me and jp are at work. and we are one of those families where both parents have to work. sure, one of us could probably stay at home, but we then wouldn’t be able to live the life we currently live and have the comforts that we have. plus, we both really like our careers and even though motherhood will be an awesome awesome career for us both – we also want to keep a part for ourselves. i do not plan on never being around my children – i’ll probably be around them more than they will like, especially when they are teenagers [insert evil mom laugh here], but i also plan on having a job where i can provide for them and give them the life they deserve. so they can do the activities they want to do, and not worry about having food on their plate. i want to be able to build a nest-egg with my wife so that we can retire in comfort, too.

so, who’s to say anyone really has it worse than someone else in terms of motherhood? we’re all going through [or going to go through] our own struggle. and what may be hard for me may not be hard for you. we shouldn’t compare our struggle to others, but just know that no one is really leading the perfect balance of motherhood and job. if we were, this wouldn’t even be a topic of discussion.

thoughts? how do you balance your work life and home life?


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