The Things We Do For Our Kids

4 years ago
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1. Cleaning purple Kool Aid from the carpet.

2. Scratching their back until they fall asleep. Or your hand is about to fall off.

3. Going to the park on a hot summer day. At noon.

4. Watching Power Rangers' episodes all weekend long.

5. Cooking pancakes on Sunday at 6pm.

6. Waking up one hour earlier to attend "Muffins with Mom" at school.

7. Deleting apps on your phone so you can download one more Disney video.

8. Waking up in the middle of the night to a kid throwing up.

9. Reading a Pokemon bed-time story every night.

10. Inviting one of your child's friends home. Like if one was not enough. 

11. Going to that birthday party where you don't know anyone else.

12. Singing your lungs out:


13. Having your car full of crumbs.

14. Steeping on a lego at least once a week.

15. Getting your nails done with a toddler running all over the salon.

16. Waking up at 8am on a saturday.

17. Watching your child play in the bathtub for an hour.

18. Ordering pizza instead of sushi. 

19. Doing silly-faces competitions.

20. Answering 87 questions followed by 14 "whys" each.

21. Going to the restroom with the door open.

22. Sharing the last bite of your favorite snack.

23. Listening patiently to his school adventures.

24. Spending your day off doing laundry, washing uniforms, buying groceries. 

25. Hand washing the white shirt with take off that chocolate milk stain.

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