Things I'm Loving in the Kitchen

3 years ago

Another edition of the Things I'm Loving! (You can check out my Make-Up Edition here and my Office Supply Edition here!) This time, I'm focusing on the kitchen - one of my favorite places to be!!

Here are the tools I'm loving in my kitchen:

Things I'm Loving Kitchen Edition


1. Rival Crock Pot. I use my crock pot probably close to once a week, sometimes more in the winter. I like most meats best when they are slow cooked all day - chicken breasts are juicier, roasts are more tender and moist, pork loins shred nicely. Basically, the crock pot was made for cooking hearty comfort food. Besides cooking my main dish in the crock pot, I also use it to cook things like spaghetti sauce, chili, and sloppy joes. I like the one pictures because it is a nice size to cook a double or triple batch of things like that and freeze the other batches for future dinners.  (You can check out some of my favorite meals to make in my crock pot here!)

2. Silicone Basting Brushes. These little guys are so handy! I use them all the time for brushing melted butter or olive oil on the top of something. Just last night I used one to brush olive oil on the bread for my grilled sandwiches. They are also great for brushing BBQ sauce or other sauces or marinades on meat while grilling. And they clean up so easily!

3. Kitchen Aid Mixer. I wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer for as long as I have been putzing around in the kitchen. But it was one of those wishes I figured would never really make the top of the budget list. Then I saw one sitting on my friend's living room floor one day and she casually said she didn't like it and was putting it in her garage sale. WHAT?? I snatched that baby up and have been in love ever since! I use it for most anything I am baking, but also for mixing meatloaf up and anything I used to dig my hands into to mix. Ugh. 

4. Wooden Spoons. I love using simple, classic wooden spoons for stirring and mixing. I usually buy the cheap ones, because even those last quite a while before needing to be replaced. They work well and clean up great. Plus, I feel a little like June Cleaver when I'm stirring a pot with my wooden spoon. ;)

5. Cheese Grater. I started buying the blocks of cheese and grating them myself a few months or so back. It was cheaper and I figured I would save a buck or two. But I've found I love using my own grated cheese. It melts nicer and seems to have a better taste than the pre-shredded cheese. Maybe it's just in my head, who knows? I have a cheap metal grater that I think works great!

Those are the items I am loving in my kitchen right now! What do YOU love using in the kitchen?

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