These Two Make Me So Proud

4 years ago
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these two make me so proudThe other day I was listening to Ben and Xander bicker. This isn't unusual for them, yet very healthy for them in my opinion. Once I was done yelling at them to stop bickering in public, I realized how these two make me so proud. I know that sounds crazy. But I look at it like this...I would rather they bicker with each other and debate topics out, rather than either ignore each other and never communicate about anything at all. It also shows that they have things in common. Which any one who knows either one of them knows they have interests in common. Both Ben and Xander are computer junkies, technology junkies, and sci-fi junkies.

There are many other aspects of both of my guys that make so incredibly proud, but the fact that they communicate with each other is by far what I am proudest of. I've known many men in my life that have not had great relationships with their fathers and as they got older didn't know how to go to their dad for manly advise. I honestly hope that never happens between Ben and Xander.

these two make me so proud

As much as these to drive me CRAZY with the bickering, I know how much they love each other. And if they didn't bicker about everything I don't know what they would ever talk