Text Etiquette!

5 years ago

Had a rough experience a few weeks ago about a text I wrote that was sent on to someone else though, I hadn’t intended that to happen.  Within the text, I was being a bit critical of someone’s husband, who deserved it, due to some disruptive behavior he exhibited at a meeting I had attended.  While I really wasn’t disrespectful, I did point out that it was too dramatic for the situation and I was hopeful that we could avoid that kind of thing in the future.  Now, in looking back, it was true and was actually a bit nicer than it could have been.  But the point is, the text went further than I would have preferred.  Before you tell me to GROW UP, I know that I need to be careful with online communications and I usually am quite sensitive about what I put in writing.   The message here is that despite the best of intentions, we really do need to abide by some self-saving guidelines when texting.  Texting shouldn’t be a free-for-all dumping ground of every emotion that one feels at the moment and then expresses.  NO.  Because, even the most texperienced (my word) of us can get caught up in the moment and then regret what we texted.   

While I am not a teen, many times I use the beinggirl.com website to make a point and to provide information about a topic.  This time, I found an article, titled, “The Rules For Texting” that offers some aspects of texting watch-outs for even the most seasoned of us girls.

Below are a few of my favorites, as I like the way the rules are being articulated, along with the fact that it is sound information.  There is a link at the bottom to the complete article.   

•    Nobody's grammar and spelling are perfect, but really bad grammar and sloppy spelling are like bad breath...it doesn't bother you but it bothers everyone else.  (Despite my best efforts, sometimes my notes are really skink breath due to the errors.  At times, I am shocked when I reread my text because of changes made by the auto-features that I didn’t notice before it went out.  OY!)

•    Keep it light. Texting is informal and fun. Keep your messages short and sweet. According to Verizon, anything over 160 characters should be an email. Bad news, invitations, and serious conversations should be reserved for face-to-face talks or actual phone conversations.  (One thing I do, but will try to stop, is sometimes I send 3 texts consecutively, because I have superseded the number of characters that are allowed in one text.  Oh well, another alteration for my texting self to make.)

•    NEVER text and drive. Talking on the phone is bad enough. You won't know what hit you...or what you hit...if you're pounding out a message on your keyboard.  (NO KIDDING!!)


I am a real fan of using texts to communicate quickly and conveniently and for receiving rapid feedback.  However, I really should curb this when doing any serious or business related communications.  For photos and for immediate notifications, great, but for other things, perhaps an email might be best.   

Would love to hear other stories of a text gone badly, as it would be reassuring to know that I am not the only renegade and now, reformed, texter.  By the way, about the text regret I talked about, no one brought it up to me, even the guys wife!

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