Teething Gel Safety -- Is It Worth The Risk?

9 years ago
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Recently, I received a comment on an article I wrote detailing natural teething tips and solutions by moms. The question asked was essentially, "What's wrong with baby Orajel?" I hadn't included Orajel and similar anesthetics like Anbusol in my list of teething remedies, but the question was a good one -- What to do when you need relief, either for your baby or yourself!

I've never considered using over-the-counter medication for teething, both because I tend to avoid medications that are purely for pain, and because we've always managed with our natural remedies. But I took up the question as a valid one, and posted on the topic, "Is Orajel Safe for Babies?"

As I did my research I uncovered some real medical issues regarding benzocaine, the active ingredient in Orajel. Concerns about benzocaine are even supported by major institutions like the FDA. I honestly felt better about my personal decision to avoid benzocaine teething gels.

If you're active in mommy forums, you may have already heard information about "blue baby syndrome" caused by Orajel. Turns out, there's actually a real reason to get informed about this risk, hype aside. Want the fully researched story? Read more from my level-headed assessment of Orajel safety...