Teacher puts autistic boy in gym bag to punish him

6 years ago
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I just received an email from Change.org encouraging people to sign a petition stemming from this incident:

A teacher put Chris Baker, a 9-year-old autistic child, in a gym bag to punish him. When his mother arrived to pick him up (not knowing he was in a gym bag), she went down a hallway and saw a big green bag laying on the floor next to a teacher's aide. The bag moved and the mother heard Chris say, "Momma, is that you?"

The mother demanded that Chris be released but the bag was tied so tightly that they had trouble opening it.

They finally got Chris out. He was uncommunicative and sweaty.

The mother later learned that this wasn't the first time Chris had been put in a duffle bag at the school and that the teachers referred to it as a "therapy bag."

Can you imagine finding your child like that at school?!

A freshman at Georgetwon University, who is also autistic, started a petition demanding that the school district not only discipline the teacher, but also require its teachers to complete training on how to interact with children with autism.

If you want more information, visit www.change.org.