Taking Our Triplets And Baby To Disney World Was A Dream Come True For Our Family

5 years ago

What did I want to do after my grandparents and my older brother all went to heaven within a year, we survived the first three years of triplets, survived our baby’s first year, lost our home and savings to a flood when our baby was two months old and our triplets were two years old?

Go to Disney World of course! 

This time last year I was sitting in my Tuesday morning Bible Study at church and we were all deep in thought and conversation over Walt Disney World.  A couple of the girls had just come back from Disney and a couple of the other girls were planning to go there in the next few weeks. 

All of a sudden a thought clicked for all of them.  Kids are free at Disney World until they turn three years old.  So knowing that all four of our kids and me have December birthdays, they all turned to me and said you have to go now, before they turn three!  So of course, I agreed!  My friends went on to say that Disney had several weeks of free dining coming up in November and December.

I talk to my mom several times a day, so in my next phone conversation with her, which was the second I left Bible Study I shared with her how my friends suggested that we should go to Disney World before our triplets turned three.  I reiterated that the kids would be free and we could go to Disney on one of their free dining weeks.  I also had this same conversation with my husband the first chance I had to talk with him that evening.

Thankfully my parents and our family went to Disney World weeks later, the week after Thanksgiving.  I spent countless hours on the internet late at night to get everything planned for us in less than two months.  I’m happy about every minute I spent planning our trip, it was the vacation of a lifetime that I wish we could do every year!

It was just as I have heard from everyone, I know it sounds cheesy, but it really is the most magical place on earth.    Talk about making memories as a family, I will cherish them forever!  The free dining was amazing because we were able to enjoy many character meals and these meals ended up being one of our kids’ favorite experiences at Walt Disney World.

Our triplets still talk about going to Disney World every day and daily pretend to take their lovies and babies to Disney World.   They talk about it so much that when it comes up one of them says to the other what they have heard us say over and over; “It is too far away.”  “We have to save our money.”  We have told them that Daddy goes to work, to work for toys.  One day our youngest triplet told daddy to go to work so we can go to Disney World. Other times, this same son has asked his daddy to please go to work for some Batman toys.

If you are reading this thinking that it would be too difficult to take three almost three year olds and an eleven month old to Disney World, or thinking that your kids are too young?  All I can tell you is that if we can do it, you can do it.  Also if there is any way for grandparents to go with you, that would definitely make for amazing memories with them and the extra hands are essential.   My dad brought more to the trip than we could have ever dreamed or expected.  We had no idea that he would be the character stalker that he turned out to be.   This was both very entertaining for my mom, husband and I and amazing for our triplets to get so close to the characters they loved over and over again.  Please notice the Grampa stalker pictures below.

Almost three years old and even eleven months old are not too young.  Our baby loved every second of it and even learned to clap at Disney World.  Our three year olds could not have loved it more!  I can’t imagine a sweeter age than three, all of the characters were so real to them and it was truly a magical experience for all of them. 

So parents of multiples, if there is any way that you can swing it, take your kids to Disney World right before they turn three years old because everything will be free for them.  There are many free dining weeks throughout the fall and winter.  Our favorite time of year is after Thanksgiving through the first part of December because crowd levels are low and all of the parks are decorated for Christmas. 

I will most likely write more about Disney World in future posts including things that helped us in the planning process to make it an unforgettable week as a family at Disney World.  Taking a lot of little ones there really isn’t too bad if you put in some planning on the front end.I would do it again tomorrow if we could!

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