Taking a Closer Look at Dad Blogs

For years we have known about the great corner of the blogosphere that houses the mom blogs. In fact, most of the posts I have written over the past couple of years have focused on Mom Blogs.  But what about the Dad Blogs?  Have you discovered the incredible wealth of great blogs written by Dads?  Let me just tell you this: Where there is a great Mom Blog, there can also be found a great Dad Blog.

The Mom Blogging world gave us Momversation.  The Dad Bloggers gave us DadLabs (Taking Back Paternity).  If you have not visited DadLabs, you are really missing out on some wonderful videos!  I spent ages just going through their archives and watching video after video.  Not only were they spot on, they did it in such a humorous and entertaining manner.

What is DadLabs?  This is what they have to say about themselves:

The mission of the company is to strengthen families and benefit children by empowering today's fathers. The company provides resources to expecting, new and veteran fathers that will launch them into a more active and creative role in the lives of their children. DadLabs speaks to the corporate executive and the delivery driver with a voice that is authentic and genuinely male, with wisdom and self-deprecating humor of experience. The products and services offered are honest, informative, sometimes off-color, but always dedicated to the spirit of fatherhood. DadLabs speaks guy and presents information through guy-colored lenses.

Their latest video is about taking a hike with your little tyke. When these men say they present the information through guy-colored glasses, they were not kidding.  These Dads know how to reach other Dads (and Moms, too!) with their videos.

And, of course, moms have been given BusyMom.  Well, the dads have been given The Busy Dad Blog.  Here is a fantastic example of The Busy Dad Blog and his humor from his post If Jeopardy Were Written By Parents:

Alex Trebek: Very well. And the answer is: “The opposite of Heaven, this word conveys eternal suffering.”
Contestant Linda: BUZZ! What is Hell?
Alex Trebek: Ohh... that’s not exactly the answer we’re looking for here. Anyone else? Eternal suffering... yes, BusyDad?
Me: What is DORA?
Alex Trebek: Yes! And you’re in the lead with $100 and you get to choose the next category.

Though, it isn't just about blogs that are either similar in name or how they convey messages.  There are also many blogs for dads that are great resources for fathers.

There is Dictionary for Dads.

Dictionary for Dad's provides resources and information which  are fundamental in assisting men in making informed decisions based on education, research and practical experience all provided by Dictionary for Dad's. In doing so, we strive to reinforce the positive male role model in our society while increasing the social welfare of children throughout our world...We understand that parenting is often complex and confusing with many variables including but not limited to nutrition, medical, psychological, developmental, environmental, marital, social and academic. It is our aim to provide every dad with education, information and resources for all dilemmas when they occur.

I looked through the site thoroughly and there are some great resources available.

I will admit that I really have had a blast visiting the world of dad blogs this week. There are so many out there.  Far too many to list here.  The tie that binds us all together?  Parenting.  When it comes to that, we are all in this together.


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