Surving Pregnancy

8 years ago

Once I overcame the initial shock of being pregnant I was okay with it. In fact I was excited to be neat and surreal to have something growing inside you. What I was not excited about was child birth, because it has to come out you know! I like to think I am a Positive Person, so I looked at the bright side of the would only last one day if I was lucky. :)

The First Trimester: Well besides the nausea, the continuous 'jello' bladder, and the weight gain in odd places, things went pretty smoothly. I had this wonderful strawberry chocolate cupcake feticsh, so I indulged in it. I really didn't care too much for my baby birth doc, but everyone deserves a second chance, we all have off days. Anyway, I was allowed to go to work (wear a 30lb lead jacket...b/c I work with small amounts of radiation, joy), but I was otherwise forbidden from partaking in anyother activities. I am a big fan of jeporady and wheel of fortune now. Life was about to be boring for the next 9 months...o ya I HAD to gain 40lbs orders. (I almost succeeded)

The Second Trimester: This was the best. We got to see the baby moving on the ultrasounds that I had everymonth b/c of my risks. :) We decided to stay surprised and not find out the sex, makes it more special. My belly grew and grew, the baby was moving and kicking, and I loved it. Things started to look up. Except for evil, he was a complete a**! He yelled at me when I was 6 months prego b/c of the 20lb I gained, and not b/c it wasn't enough...b/c it was TOO much. Strick orders not to gain any weight in next month. We switched doctors immediatly. Dr.nice baby was a lil off, something didn't quiet click, but we stayed with him. He was informative, and polite.

The Thrid Trimester: In short I had braxton hicks contractions for 2 months straight, hadn't seen my ankles since the doc switch, walked like a penquin, and had a bladder the size of a pea. I was 4 days past my due date, with non stress later in the day with I recieved a sharp pain in my back. I awoke at 4am, showered, ate breakfast, told to go to work (b/c it was braxton hicks again, so I thought), and watched a lil morning tv. At 8 am I decided to time the "odd" pain, and sure enough, 9mins apart. I called the doc,, and we all met at 11am in the doc's office.

Child Birth: Okay, hole shoot, I am totally not ready for this, but no one knew. I remained calm b/c everyone around me was freaking out. I think that helped guide me in the right frame of mind I need to be in. I had to remember this would all be over by tomorrow morning.....It was a 14hour , all natural, completly painful but would do it again, child birth. The best experience of my life. I was the first to yell out it was a "girl". She was completly healthy. So sweet and innocent. Now we just had to take her home.....stay tuned

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