Summertime Fun for New Adoptive Parents

10 months ago
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It’s officially summer and you know what that means--everybody is singing the song "Vacation -- all I ever wanted." However, different types of vacations work better for different types of families. Here, Nicole Witt, Executive Director of The Adoption Consultancy shares some tips for how to best enjoy that precious first summer after adopting a baby.  


STAYcation is all I ever Wanted. Travel can be difficult right after adoption or during the process of going through adoption, not least because of the expense. But if we’re talking about an older child, it can be important to stick to a routine early on. Remember that kids can have hours of enjoyment from simple things at home. Depending on the age of the child you’ve adopted, you could buy a sandbox, a kiddie pool, one of those blow up bathtub inserts or even just set up the sprinkler.

Think Smaller Distances, Rather than a Long Haul: If you do want to get out of the house, think about what your community has to offer. Travel a short distance to a local summer fun activity. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. You could explore a local nature trail or go to a splash park or a local beach.

Perfect Time to Visit Those Relatives: For those who might want to get away for more than a day trip, visit out-of-town family. It tends to allow you to stick to more of a routine and also to have the space you need with a full kitchen, bathroom, etc. If you’ve adopted already, this allows your family members some relaxed time to get to know each other. If you are in the process of adoption, this is a good opportunity to speak with your family face-to-face about what to expect in the upcoming months and how best to support you.

Photos, Videos and Keepsakes: It seems like it could go without saying, but sometimes we get so caught up in the moment that we forget to take pictures of those small daily happenings. Given that we all almost always have our cameras in our pockets, try to take lots of photos and videos of the more regular events, not just the special occasions. And, whenever you do get a few extra minutes, try to create photo albums or DVDs. Down the road you’ll be really glad you did.


Leaving the Country is Hard Especially after Adopting: For those globetrotters who are just itching to get out of the country, remember that before you can do so, your adoption must be finalized. After that, you can apply for the updated birth certificate and only after you receive that can you apply for a passport. Cutting the timing close can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress. If you won’t have plenty of team for each of those steps, it’s better to stay stateside for the first year. Plus, that’s much easier and more cost-effective with a baby anyway. While waiting for your big trip, you can buy travel books, do some research, learn some history of the different places and get ready & excited for when you can go.


Bio: Nicole Witt is the owner of The Adoption Consultancy (, an unbiased resource serving pre-adoptive families by providing them with the education, information and guidance they need to safely adopt a newborn, usually within three to 12 months.


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