Special Needs Kids Christmas Gift

4 years ago
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There are only 21 days until Christmas and I want to do something special for some special kids. Do you want to help me? I’m sure you do because you care and the holiday season is a special time to show how much we care.

I want to give some of my Rugby Jones plush toys to some special needs kids. There are lots of kids who may not get special toys and there are many kids who need my help so that they will understand that being disabled is just a stumbling block on the way to a great future.

My job is to get the stuffed Rugbys in the mail in time for Christmas and your job is to tell me about a special child or a group of special children that you know. We need to receive your comments by December 14th at midnight. We will decide which comments describe the kids who are most deserving of receiving the stuffed me. We will mail the packages on the 15th. How cool is that?

Just tell us:

  • Why this child or children should receive the stuffed Rugby Plush Toys
  • The age of the child or children
  • The name and address of a responsible adult who will accept the package and give it to the child or group of children in time for Christmas

That’s it. What could be an easier way to show that you are aware and care about special needs children? So… all you have to do is give a little bit of your time and send a comment on this site or send a DM to me @RugbyJones if you are on Twitter. You could even email me at Rugby at RugbyJones dot com.  (We will send a message to you making sure that your email address is correct and would appreciate your giving your name so that we can mention that you were the one who cared.)

In case you don’t know me very well, here is a little bit about me.

“Rugby Jones shows us what it is like to be different - and that being different is okay. In his own lovably cocky style, Rugby introduces us to his family and friends, talks about his injuries, his feelings, and his determination. There are scores of pictures that illustrate the story and really make it more than just a story, but of a shared journey with friends you get to know and love.”

Rugby’s heartwarming and humorous narrative is filled with hope and understanding as he shares his earnest lessons on life.

Guess what? Rugby just might be your hero if you give him the chance. (The “Tail” of Rugby Jones: A Rascal’s Journey from Disability to Ability is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or http://www.rugbyjones.com )

Claudia Broome | Teaching Acceptance, Understanding and Kindness One Child at a Time


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