Soothing Your Baby

10 months ago
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When a baby starts to cry, not only its parents, but also other people around, becomes annoyed. Everybody got the same question, why the baby is crying? For the new mothers, it is difficult to identify the reason instantly. Whatever the reason is, soothing the crying baby is the main task. However do not panic or nervous, try some tricks. Usually babies calm down soon. If doesn’t, you better consult some specialist.

 Some Tips that will help to calm down your crying baby:

  1. May be the baby is hungry:

Whenever a newborn starts crying try to breastfeed it. If the baby is used to eat from a feeder bottle try to keep it ready. The baby may become thirsty.


  1. Babies like a lot of cuddling:

You may hold the baby gently against your body and try bouncing it up and down.  Try to message its shoulder gently.  Many times it may happen that the baby has milk stacked in its throat. This way the extra milk will come out. And the cozy feeling will help the baby to calm down.


  1. May be its not feeling well:

Stomach ache and Gas may also cause your baby cry, in such cases baby often cries right after being fed. You may consult your doctor before using any medicine.


  1. May be the baby needs to sleep:

A baby may cry if it feels sleepy, keep the baby on your lap and try to make it sleep. Try gently bouncing your legs, if the baby still cries.


  1. May be its too cold or too warm:

Babies may cry if they feel cold. In such case wrap the baby with blanket so that it looks like a bundle. Babies often cry when it is too warm.


  1. A dirty diaper:

A dirty and wet diaper may also cause your baby crying. Some babies tolerate it long and some do not. Check whether a wet diaper needed to be changed or not.


  1. Something painful:

Babies may cry because of something painful which is not being noticed by the parents. It may be something harsh inside the clothing or may be the baby does not like the way you are holding it.


  1. Try to divert its attention:

Sometimes babies stops crying if you divert its attention to something else. You may put some hanging toys on the baby cot. A musical merry-go-round may also help. Sometimes a baby stops crying to see its own crying face if you take it in front of a mirror.

Even sometimes the wisest parents don’t understand the reason of crying. You can still soothe your baby even if you don’t know the reason. Try to find out your own way to soothe your baby.

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