Sometimes Maybe Means Yes

5 years ago
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Everyone has been on one side of this conversation or the other; a child says, “Mom, can we…” and mom says, “Maybe.”

The kid replies, “But, mom I REALLY want to!” And the mom says, “I SAID maybe!”

Next the kid says, “But MAYBE always means no!” And the mom says, “No it doesn’t, maybe means maybe!”

This can go on and on, but you know how it goes. You’ve been there.

Brittany came home last weekend to meet with the photographer she was hoping to book for her wedding and also to view wedding venues. Both of these were after much online searching and talking to other brides about their experiences.

It was a busy weekend! We were literally on the go from the moment she pulled into the drive until she left two days later. We did manage to do a lot of fun things too, but the wedding was the main focus of our conversation.

It’s still a year away, but already things were booking up. So I had my check book ready!

All along she had been talking about the Mosteller Mansion, but I wanted to keep our options open. I felt like we needed to have a choice. So we had narrowed it down to three.

The first one was really really nice and we have been to a lot of weddings there. But something we couldn’t quite put our finger on wasn’t exactly right. Next we went to theMostellerMansion. We both liked it. A lot. But it was the most expensive of the bunch so I held out hope for the third one. When we got there though I knew right away it wouldn’t work. They did things their way and talked right over our ideas.

So we went back to theMostellerMansionand wrote the check.

Oh, you’re wondering what all that “maybe” talk in the beginning had to do with this?

Well, whenBrittanywas about ten years old she and I went to a Chamber event at theMostellerMansion. We had a great time exploring the beautiful house and when we went down the two long curving stairways to the back patio,Brittanysaid, “Mom, wouldn’t this be the perfect place for a wedding? Do you think I could get married here someday?”

And I said, “Maybe.”

So sometimes maybe does actually turn out to mean yes!