Somebody Help Me! We’re Having a Wedding!

4 years ago


John and I have known for four and a half months that Dan was going to propose to Brittany. We were visiting them in Charleston last March and while the guys were grilling Dan said:

“Mr. John,” (So Southern!) “Since we’re alone right now I wanted to tell…I mean ask you if it’s ok with you if I ask Brittany to marry me?”

John: “Oh, thank goodness!”

OK, just kidding, what he really said was something like, “Well we just want her to be happy.”

Dan told him he already had her ring, but wanted to wait until the end of summer to ask her because he had a lot going on at work right then, so “mums the word”.

John thought that meant he wasn’t supposed to tell me! (Can you believe that?) But something he said a week later made me ask if they had had that conversation and John admitted they had. So then it became my burden not to say anything to Brittany about it either.

To make it a little easier I told a few close friends and family members.

Alright, and some random people on the street….

I spent the summer bouncing back and forth between hoping his proposal would live up to her dreams and also worrying about the upcoming wedding to plan.

Tonight Brittany called and said that Dan had bought their two dogs new collars and had them stationed at the door when she came home from work. One collar said “Will you marry” and the other “Dat Daddy”. Dan was on his knees by the couch.

What he hadn’t taken into account was the phone conversation they had while she was driving home. She had missed lunch and wanted to meet him at a restaurant. He of course couldn’t tell her why he wanted her to come first or that he already had reservations at Cypress in downtown Charleston.

So what happened was; Brittany walked by the dogs without seeing the collars, thought Dan was looking for something under the couch, but since she was mad wasn’t going to ask him what he had lost, and went into the kitchen.

Luckily he got her to see the collars, got the ring on her finger and got her to the Cypress, which led to dozens of phone calls and hundreds of Facebook messages. The proposal lived up to her dreams!

Now all I have to worry about is planning the wedding!


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