Some Love on Valentine's Day

4 years ago

I heard Thing 1’s little voice outside my bedroom door, “Daddy, I want to give this to mom.  To make her feel better.”  I was in bed, of course.  It was a rough day; there were things I had to get done and so had to spend too much of the day out of bed.  Hyperemesis is tough enough to keep at bay when I stay in bed all day.  So, I’d been in bed feeling miserable and sorry for myself, when I heard that little plea.  “This will make her feel better,” he said again.DSCN2191

Husband let him into our bedroom, and he approached me with hands behind his back, “Mom, I have a surprise for you!  Happy Valentime’s Day!” (not a typo). He proudly handed me the valentine he colored at preschool earlier today.  I’d already seen it, of course, when I picked him up for preschool.  But that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that when sorting through his valentines this evening, he thought of me.  And he thought that me having this would be a boon.

And he was so right.

And as I showered him with gratitude and kisses, and he shyly giggled and gave me hugs, I really did feel better.  And my heart is overflowing with his love.  How could it not be? It seeps out of his pores and I’m practically swimming in it.  And right now I don’t really care that I can’t eat chocolate, and that I told husband not to get me flowers because the smell would just make me sick.  I’ve got more love in my life than any one person has the right to, and that is what matters today.

What’s more is that I’ve remember that what I’m going through is totally worth it. Because I make the most fabulous people.

Happy Valentime’s Day, y’all.  (And a festive Lubpercalia to those who know better.)


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