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5 years ago

"Is it okay if I blog about it?"

"I'm surprised you asked me first. I expected you to just do it."

"Yes, but when I'm about to write about your testicles, I'm pretty sure it's polite to ask first."


This time, I'm donating the baby clothes as soon as he grows out of them. This time, I'm calculating when I can free up storage space once all the gear is no longer needed (eventually no high chair, multiple car seats, travel cot? JOY). This time, I'm even mostly enjoying his dependence on me. For he is the last.

And when I heard that Tori Spelling was pregnant with baby four, when we had been pregnant with our thirds at the exact same time, I felt abject horror. I kind of couldn't breathe. I wanted to fall over on her behalf. And I knew we had made the right decision. (Um, good luck to you, Tori and Dean? Sorry?!)


Perhaps entirely inappropriately, Mark had a vasectomy on the long Family Day weekend in February. Here, spend some time with your family! Nope, instead, I'm going to impede my ability to have one! Or a bigger family, in this case.

He'd been absolutely dreading it. He's kind of a wimp when it comes to medical procedures so I was a little worried on his behalf. An experienced friend from work was coaching him through the stress (oh, I just remembered I seriously need to buy that guy a drink next time I see him). Turns out, it really was no big deal. A brief procedure at his doctor's office. A few mild painkillers, a bag of peas, a few beers on the couch, and he was good as new. We mostly managed to keep the kids from jumping in his lap.

If you've decided that vasectomy is the right birth control choice for your family planning like we did, don't be scared. There are much worse things. Like being pregnant with a fourth baby when your third is 5 months old (OMGWTFBBQ *screams* *dies*).


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