Similac Infant Formula Recall Due to Potential Beetle Contamination

7 years ago

Certain Similac-brand baby formulas are currently part of a voluntary recall in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and parts of the Caribbean after quality testing showed a potential presence of a small common beetle. The FDA has decided that the formula does not pose an immediate health risk but there is a potential for infants that consume the product to experience some gastrointestinal discomfort.

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The recall impacts certain Similac powder in plastic containers as well as some in 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans. You can find full details on Abbott's recall site. CBS has also listed what they believe to be the impacted product and lot numbers. Parents and caregivers who wish to find out more can contact Abbott's hotline at 1 (800) 986-8850 for more information.

Note to Canadians: According to Richard Bond General Manager, Abbott Nutrition, Canada products sold in Canada are not affected. If you do any cross-border shopping you should check your labels.

If you are trying to return your Similac infant formula, Grouchyladybug has already had success doing so.

Frugal Jen is one mother who discovered in the middle of the night that the formula she was feeding her infant daughter was one of the contaminated lots.

So now it's 4am I have NO formula to feed my daughter. They say the ready made liquid is not effected. So I will get some of that. I'm a little scared to get in the car and go to Wal-Mart this early. I will head out at 6 am. I've got to beat the rush. I have a feeling the stores will soon be out of the only substitutes available.

Expecting Inside the Beltway offers some advice to parents who can't get through to the hotline today.

If you can't get through today -- don't freak out. Improvise, adapt and overcome. Stop using the formula for today -- buy another brand or ready to feed to use for the next few days until the dust settles and then try to get through to Abbott.

Mommymelee would like to remind us all that this is not the time for punchlines.

Quality control is and will continue to be an issue that affects all of us. It affects us whether we’re parents or not. It’s Similac now, but tomorrow it might be tomatoes again, or spinach that makes your intestines explode, or who knows what.

A bunch of baby formula had bug parts in it.

And I don’t think that’s funny.

Have you been affected by the Similac recall? Do you have any advice for other parents who are impacted?

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