Siblings and Rivalry: Will They Ever Just Get Along?

3 years ago

As my daughter cuddled with me on the couch while I caught up on the latest General Hospital episode {gotta have my soaps, don't judge me!}, her younger brother came downstairs and started in on a meltdown.

He complained about his transformer toys that weren't where he left them, and accused his sister of throwing them around because she was "always touching his stuff."

Once he finished with all that extra-ness, he begged to play video games - and... well... that ain't happening while I'm watching my soaps!

And so he continued on with his meltdown... about people touching his stuff... about how unfair it is that he can't play his game... blah blah blah

After he moved along, my daughter looked up at me with those big beautiful brown eyes and said - sort of jokingly - "Uh! I hate having a little brother! Can't we just put him up for sale?!"

I just looked at her and laughed.

Can't they all just get along?

Later on that night, I really thought about it. Why in the world can't they just get along? Why does every single thing have to be an all out battle of war. Every. Single. Thing. Whether it's who has more pasta on their plate, who's able to watch their favorite TV show, or which one is spending QT with mom today. They argue about everything.

I grew up essentially an only child. My sister is ten years younger than me and so by the time she came along I was all up into my own thing and really didn't pay her much mind. Nor was I home often enough for her to get on my last nerve {maybe the first, second, and third - but not the last. Haha}.

So, when my kids go through their little - big - spats, I actually find it a little difficult to relate. I have to stretch. I have to imagine. I have to empathize. And at the end of the day, I'm wondering why they can't just get along.

Then I'll see the other side. When my daughter sticks up for her brother on the playground. Or when she looked out for him at school. I'll see them playing together - and enjoy the rare moment that they aren't fighting - and I feel hope. I see the future.

The reality of sibling rivalry

The reality of sibling rivalry is that siblings truly will fight just hard for each other as they do with each other. No matter how much they claim to hate each other, that's only temporary. No matter how many times she says she's going to sell her brother, she never really would. I hope.

My goal is to raise my children to be each other's rocks in the eye of life's storms. To depend on and protect each other; and to have a forever bond that will last well beyond my time on this earth.

Judging by the sounds of my kids playing together right now, I'd say we're right on track. At least for today.

Now, don't even bother asking me about the teenager. Lol.

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