Setting Off The Domino Effect In Your Life

5 years ago

I've noticed in these past few weeks, a sort of domino effect on this Ministry.

It's the Grace of God really, making one thing work out after the other, bringing one good thing into fruition after the another. Fruit.

When I think about the bigger picture, I realize this has been happening since the beginning, it has just picked up momentum.

The first domino fell with the establishment of this Ministry's vision, mission, and core values. I've noticed that when waiting on the Holy Spirit for direction, whatever choices I make, makes the next domino fall!

Even with ideas I haven't even implemented yet, God is showing me how things will work, how the next one will fall.

I hear the Holy Spirit tell me everyday about 10 times a day or more, keep going, keep going Sandra. I want you to keep going. The rhythm of the domino fall.

If I doubt something, or question, I hear the Lord tell me again, keep going.

How can I not? Would you?

There is no STOPPING the Domino effect. It's not over until God says it's over, and there is no end in sight.

In the, Walking By Faith Series -- When God Direct's You Against The Norm, I talk about God lighting our path, giving us just enough provision for the time we're in, instructing us on where we need to be, who we need to be with, and just what to do for the next step.

Relinquishing Control, Operating In The State Of Grace, as well as The Difference Between Grace and Works are all the manner in which this Ministry operates. I believe it is by this operation that has produced the domino effect.

Are you seeing this type of effect in your life?

Whether family, Ministry, relationships, or work, God will make things flow from one thing to the next for you, one idea to the next -- if you are on course, in his will, and heeding to the Holy Spirit. If you have written the vision, established the standards, and are running with it! Hab. 2:2


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