Rewind, to Christmas past

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I guess, the Holiday season, is the time we all  come together, and reunite  with  families members. Some, of whom we haven't seen in a while. Who,  we will share,  some laughter over a  good, home cooked meal.

Times, like this use to involve playing a  board game. Or, watch a movie together. But, that has now been replaced with computers,  texting, Intsgram and Snap Chat. As far as, the younger generations goes. Also, to be honest as adults we do, too.

It seems, now a days, after  dinner ,we all  seem to find a  cozy place, in a warm house, full of family, to do such things. Oddly, individually.Which leaves the Grand parents, in confusion as they sit at the table telling everyone stories of their days. At, which everyone looks up from their devices to smile and nod. The atmosphere, feels more  like a  coffee shop setting.

Does,this sound familiar, to any you? It does to me.I, can totally identify with both sides. As I think, of my last holiday with my family. Where, I enjoyed the comforts of being with them. But, after a nice meal we all went our separate ways, to our own devices.

Now, as I think back ,I wish we could have done more. Such as telling the kids to turn off their games. Tell the teenagers and the adults to log off and sign out. So, we could all gather, together and watch a movie. Perhaps, even open the storage room and get the  games out.

If we think about it. It was only, a few years ago, that, a holiday evening would consist of,  prolonged time together.  Before, the kids would  run off to play, the PlayStation or etc. While, teenagers asked to use the cell phone to call their friends. As, we parents / adults, talk to one another  while the men's,  football game played in the back ground of  the women's chatter.

Now, we  get distracted by, our smartphones. Where, we log on to social networks and log out, of the real life's network. Please, believe me when I say, I'm the first one to get distracted sometimes. As, the excitement of being around family soars through me.  That, I  want to log on to  share it my happiness, literally, with the world.

But, this year I want my Holidays to matter. I want all of us to bring our pajamas, eat until we're so full. That , all we can do is watch a movie, on the big screen television. I'll even watch a football game, if it keeps us interacting with each other, for more than just the meal.

Besides, a few hours off the network never hurt anyone. But, it might bring every closer.  So, how would you like to spend your up and coming gift giving days? Please, let me know. I would the ideas for future celebrations.


God Bless~Leah