Reflections on 2012

4 years ago

 Reflections on 2012 by Ms. MommyHH6

Wow! I can't believe 2012 is over in a few hours. This year has contained so many ups and downs, challenges and surprises and new paths.   2012 has changed my life and my families in so many ways.    2013 is bound to be quite a year just trying to follow-up 2012.     I wanted to share a few of my own reflections of 2012 and share the the ONE word in 2013 theme for Ms. MommyHH6!

Reflections on 2012:

1) A Rough Start  Our family had a rough start.  Ginger was still recovering from her hospitalization and blood transfusion.  She was still being treated by an oncologist and I was still fearful of a diagnosis of Leukemia each time she had blood-work.   I was no yet willing to accept that I had ADHD and was struggling with staying focused in addition to depression.  My social anxiety and PTSD had forced me to restrict myself to the house and not drive again.  My marriage was having a rough time as well.

2) New Opportunites  I am a confessed work-aholic. I have worked in some form or fashion since I was 15.  Even as a SAHM I stay busy and can't NOT do something. Since staying home in 2010, I have struggled with finding a purpose and WORK. I need to work.   Blondie has given me the spark I needed to run with my passion for special needs and military families.  I was so lucky that Wendy Kruse from Military Special Needs Network reached out to me and asked me to join their team!  I was already active as a special needs advocate and in the Army community.  This was THE break I was waiting for!

3) A New Career   I found an old journal I wrote in Junior High School. My goal was to be a writer and work in Public Relations.  Wow!  My path was long and winding, through tragedies, different careers, states and more.  But I have finally reached that GOAL my 15 year old self desired.  Along the way, I have been a waitress, a paralegal, an FRSA with the Army and a special needs advocate. Now, I AM a freelance writer and that career looks promising with even more opportunities in 2013!   In addition, I have this blog!  I was humbled by being named one of the Top 25 Military Mom Blogs of 2012 by Circle of Moms! The opportunity to joing my passion for special needs and military families into one fantastic website to bring moms from all paths together and share OUR stories, OUR favorite things and more.

4) Kindergarten and SUCCESS!  Blondie started Kindergarten this year,  whewwww!  I was more terrified than she was nervous.  She is fearless and I am so proud of her.  I can't believe she is almost 6!   It feels like just yesterday she was a new baby and now she is a beautiful, smart and feisty young girl.  She has been through so much in her little life and all the hard work, therapy and struggles have brought her to where she is today.  A successful, hard working and loving Kindergartner!

5) Sandy Hook  This tragedy shook the world and I was no exception.  As a mom, I struggled with sending Blondie to school the following Monday.  I fought my own fear and tears as I sent her on her way with "I Love Yous", hugs and kisses.  I didn't want her to feel my worry and start to fear school.   School is an important place and she is much too young to be aware of Sandy Hook. Her school did a great job drilling them for an emergency without explaining Sandy Hook. No need to take away their innocence if we can protect it longer than 12/14/12.     Sandy Hook  has strengthened my desire for stronger gun laws, school protections and more.   I  and every parent will never be the same as we were 12/13/12 and we have to come together and do something good in memory of the 26 lives lost.

6) Operation United Hearts This is what we CAN do!  We can come together to make a difference.  In December, I formed Operation United Hearts to bring together bloggers for a good cause, to raise money for a military family who lost everything in a fire.  Together, we raised $300 and gave toys and books to the family just in time for Christmas.  It is my hope that we can do this again in March for another family .

7) 2013 Military Spouse of the Year Nomination Again, humbled by the many kind words and nominations for this fabulous award.  I am hopeful that I will be named a finalist and be able to bring the Ms. MommyHH6 mission and goals to more people and keep making a difference with Operation United Hearts on a much bigger scale.

6) The Mayans  So glad they were wrong ;-)  2013 has so much promise and opportunities.  God is good and I am forever thankful.

7) The Holiday Season My family was blessed with my husband's presence this holiday season.  As a military family, that is not always the case and will not be next year.   So many holidays and occasions have been without him in the last decade.  We made the best of the this year and had a family filled, stay at home fantastically US Christmas!

From My Family to Yours:  Have a FANTASTIC and FABULOUS 2013!

What are YOUR reflections on 2012?

Live, Love & Learn,

Ms. MommyHH6

Raven G.

Live, Love & Learn with Ms. MommyHH6

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