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Today was a pretty chill day. We have the same routine pretty much everyday, I wake up and read then I hear the girls start waking up so I get them out of their bed and crib, change them and get them dressed. I start their breakfast and my coffee at the same time. Usually get to drink my coffee while they are eating. 


Today while they were eating their scrambled eggs and english muffins, Isabella my 4 year old started with the questions.. its been a while I have to say, since she consistantly asked tons of questions so its not that bad but its annoying when you just woke up.

She was thinking, stops eating and asks why her friends dad doesn't love Jesus. Then she said Jesus is sad because he doesn't love Him. I was silent. She then told me that she will pray for him to love Jesus because everyone should. Then she asked me what eggs are made of, so I said it comes out of a chicken. She said "is it a baby chicken?" ... WHAT DO I SAY TO THESE THINGS?? 

I said "well sort of.." She looked sad but continued to eat.  Then she said "What are oranges made of?" I told her they come from an orange tree. They are fruit. She said "I know" .. okay so then why did you ask me?? 

She finished eating and went to play in her room with her sister. I sat down drinking my coffee and checking emails as usual, and as per our routine they began to fight. I went in their room and told them to stop fighting, share, play nice, threatened discipline, etc. 

Isabella looks at me and says "Why did you have Avah?" (Her sister, my 1 year old) 

I said "because I wanted another baby". Then she asked me when she can be a baby again. I told her that she wouldnt be a baby again but would grow up into a big girl like -mommy. I went back to the couch, coffee, gmail -only to sit down and hear fighting again. Usually I wait it out.. it might sound bad but at this point I don't care what happens, you can fight it out and come and tell me who won so I can congratulate them on dealing with it. Im tired.

This kid has been such a pleasent blessing to me, in different ways than her sister- they each have their qualities and are so different, both amaze me daily. From birth Isabella has been quiet and calm, never really got into stuff. She would sit and play quietly with toys for hours and fall asleep on the floor playing, her sister is opposite- gets into everything possible, gets bored within 2.4 seconds of playing with something, shes hyper and always screaming..doesn't like to sleep much etc. BUT Isabella being 4 years old, I have noticed now has always had an intellect that I can't comprehend where it came from, like what planet or anything.

Shes too smart for her age and it bothers me. At age almost 3 she asked me where babies came from, and continued to ask even to this day and demands more specific answer each time.. ITS GETTING AWKWARD to say the least.

After the day went by slowly but surely I put Avah down for a nap, around 1pm after they'd eaten their lunch. While she's sleeping I usually either a) Take a nap after putting Isabella for a nap, or b) Watch a movie with Isabella and I fall asleep. Today though, I didnt get to read all my emails so I put Avah down then I sat on the couch with the computer for a few minutes. Isabella was watching Teletubbies. Such an annoying movie but she loves it so whatever.

So Im reading emails not paying attention to her at all. More like intentionally zoning out because Im exausted.

Then she comes over to me and says, "Mommy, I will feed the baby when he's born. So you dont have to. Because he will be little and can't hold a bottle like Avah can."

(Isabella was breastfed for 19 months because she would not take a bottle or cup and was very hard to wean, Avah was breastfed for 13 months when I found out I was pregnant and stopped abruptly so I gave her a bottle- if I had planned on stopping, she wouldn't have one just because I loved that I got to skip the bottle weaning with Isabella). 

Anyways, back to the story. She clearly doesn't remember that she nursed or that her sister did.. or maybe she didn't realize thats what she was doing? I only stopped about 7 months ago. So she said that, then I said that I would feed the baby for a few months until he could drink from a bottle, that mommy would breastfeed him just like I did with her and her sister. She thought for a second then she said "How?" ..Like oh my gosh..

I said "Mommy makes milk in her boobies and that's how God made us to eat for the first little while" . Then she asked me if she was going to have boobies when she got bigger. I told her yes she would. Then she asked me why some "guys" have boobies ...

All I can say to that is LOL I LAUGHED SO HARD. I didn't answer the question, because she thankfully got distracted. As she gets older and older, I keep thinking that she will not ask as many questions but it never fails she thinks of something that she would like to know more about and has the impulse to ask. I love that kid. 


Hope you had a good laugh, the kid cracks me up daily.


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