Q & A with Drew- Autism Recovery - Vlog 5

5 years ago
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Just want to say thank you so much for the questions, comments, and shout outs!  We LOVE it!  Drew is a bit fidgety in this video; so sorry if you get a little nauseous or dizzy watching him. :)  He hasn't had a haircut in over a month; so he's also a bit on the scraggly side.  That said, I'm way more on the scraggly side which is why you don't see me in this video! Ha!

Also, recently, I've been on some other forums discussing different therapies and treatments.  It's been a bit frustrating, depressing, and just Whoa over all the negativity out there towards parents who are trying to recover their kids or have recovered their kids.  I really don't understand why any parent wouldn't want the best for their child.  Of course, there will always be another child who seems more recovered...just like there's always someone skinnier, prettier, wealthier, etc.  I've got plenty of friends whose children seem way more recovered than Drew.  Would that EVER discourage me from trying to do the best for him?  NEVER.  So, anyway.  Stay strong Mommas (and Dads); there are so many who just don't have the warrior mentality.  They are waiting to cut you down.  Brush it off, and keep going.  It isn't easy.  It's truly the toughest job.  And, I just think those people don't have what it takes...and that is so sad for their kids!  (I can already see my inbox piling up with hate comments from that statement.)  Oh well!

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