In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris: Down but Not Out

5 years ago

SufferJets Ithaca

So, here's what happened.

I panicked.

Remember how I went to the first open practice and was less-than thrilled with my "skilz?"

Well, things went downhill from there. In the week between open practice one and two, shit got crazy for me. Nothing huge, but just a lot of little things that made it feel like this is NOT the right time to be freshmeat.

First of all, as awesome as it is to feel like my professional life is on the brink of blowing up, it causes an upheaval in our family, and it's up to me, I guess, to get a hold on managing work, family, and our home on the daily.

Second of all, my kids got sick. And I got tired. And I got sick. And guess what? That was over two weeks ago, and I'm JUST pulling out of it. Which is totally unheard of for me. I just don't get sick.

Lastly, and totally, completely most important, I cannot go into fresh meat workshops without any skills. I mean, know thyself, right? I expected this would be an issue for me when I decided to jump in with both skates before the end of the summer. I thought I could make it work, but I just can't.

So I'm back to the original plan. I need to do a lot of hard work on/with/by myself before I can jump into this. And I need to soak up as much Derby as possible.

ILWR is holding open practices and workshops all summer. Unfortunately I can't start workshops until the end of August, since I will be away when both of the other two workshops start. But I CAN go to open practice again starting April 18th, and there are several throughout the summer.

So, more confidence and strength training for me until then. And I have been to a practice, so I know what to expect, and I know where to go from here.

I feel like I can better manage this path. Too much is happening all at once and what is supposed to be a good thing fore was becoming a source of stress. Not cool.

I feel good about this, but I have been hesitant to write about Crazy Eyeris because in a way I feel embarrassed, and like I'm letting everyone down. Like I'm copping out. I still want to be an inspiration!

So go ahead ya'll, give it to me straight.

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