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4 years ago

I am not completely anti-weapon. For instance, if you are in the military or a policeman, I think it is vital for you to be armed. You need to be armed to protect me, my family, and our country, not to mention, yourself. If you live somewhere where you might be attacked by a bear on your way to get your mail, it may be a good idea to have a hunting rifle handy. The same goes for knives, there is a place for knives in society. I myself have many in my kitchen, and Nick keeps a pocket knife in his toolbox for his man type stuff.

That said, I don’t see the point of an average citizen “needing” a glock, or a semi-automatic machine gun. Last I checked there was no guerrilla war occurring anywhere in the United States.

I use at least one knife per day, but I don’t feel the need to carry them around them I’m not cooking. Are you sitting there mumbling, what’s your damn point Sandee? Ok…ok…I’ll tell you. Geez.

Saturday afternoon, Nick and my brother Dan took five kids ranging in age from two to eleven years old to a McDonalds playland for lunch and some cousin fun. About five or ten minutes into their climbing through the tube maze, my brother’s eleven year old daughter came out of the play structure with a pocket knife. That. She. Found. In. The. Maze.

Yep. A knife. In here. Awesome.

It’s my humble opinion that if a kid still wants to play in the McDonald’s maze, maybe he/she isn’t mature enough to be packing. Particularly where other kids are certain to be. A camp out maybe, if you want to teach the kid to clean a fish or cut some rope for camping stuff. Otherwise, a child has no reason or need to be carrying a knife where toddlers are playing.

I am thankful that the eleven year old found it and immediately took it to her dad. My brother, in turn, took it to the manager of the McDonald’s, whose reaction was “Whoa!” Excuse me? – Whoa? – that’s it? I know his acting career wasn’t going well, but I had no idea that Joey Lawrence was now a manager of McDonald’s.

It terrifies me to think what could have happened if my two year old nephew or daughter had been the first to find it. It completely freaks me out to wonder if someone left it behind intentionally. I sincerely hope not. My hope is that a kid put it in his/her pocket unbeknown to their mom or dad, and lost it while they were crawling around within the maze.

Nothing happened, yet it still kinda makes me want to barricade my little ones in the house to keep them from all of the known and unknown dangers out in the big bad world.

I just want to keep them safe.

It could happen anywhere, right? Right?

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