You Are the Pinterest Perfect Real Mom

4 years ago

You are that mother. You, right now, the mother wearing the shirt with stains on the shoulders, and your hair swept back, with the toddler on your hip in their pajamas and the preschooler watching Disney Jr. You, that mom, are the Pinterest perfect real mom. You, the mother sitting at home while your 16-year-old drives away, and the middle schooler works on homework, and you trying to balance a schedule that is much too full as you remember those days when they were little and loved Little People. You -- the tired, overwhelmed, joyful, nervous, worn-out, thankful, get-out-of-bed everyday mother. You go on the Real Board.

That's the board that shows how to make lunch when you only have cabinets that are bare and a fridge with just staple items. It's the board that has pictures of the playroom with the toys not sorted, with books on the floor, and a curtain askew -- but happy, smiling, content kids laughing in the background. There's a picture of you, the real mother, breathing deep and counting to ten and trying again and again and again. There's spilled milk. Cheerios on the floor. Toddlers crying. Paint projects dripping. Dinner cooking. Moms reading. Moms praying. Laundry drying. Phones ringing. Teenagers texting. Middlers sighing. Sand falling. Families hugging. Mothers praying. Work piling. Words on love. Books on patience. And motherhood. And balancing. And grace.

The Pinterest perfect real mom goes beyond the images, beyond the moments captured in just a snippet of time. She's there. She's real. She's you. Giving. From sun up to sun down to sun up again. With mistakes made and I'm sorry's shared and I love you'sand more. With grocery lists and kisses on the cheeks and hugs to make it better. With eyes to see the sweetness in today, in the moment, in the days that some day will become the days one looks back on with nostalgia.

Motherhood is hard. Rewarding, yet full of exhausting physical and mental work. How in the world can you describe how frustrating it is when the milk spills all over the floor for the 15th time this week and how you can get so frustrated over such a seemingly simple little thing. And yet, yet there it is -- overwhelm, irritation, frustration, exhaustion, worry, and yet trying again. Where's the board celebrating the mom who kept her cool as she wiped up that milk, and patted the toddler on the head, and then went up in the bathroom, and shut the door, let out just a little cry, brushed the tears away, and then came back stairs and started up again? That deserves to be pinned. Let's not lose sight of the beauty in the perfect of the everyday real. Let's learn from the boards, inspire ourselves, grow, and create. But, let's also remember, it's just a pin. Just an image.

You, the mother in the trenches, are the Pinterest perfect real mother. Your day, and all you do, is beautifully amazing. And it? It's repinned every single day.


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