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Brittany’s fish died. I knew when she told me she got them; they wouldn’t be long for this world. My mom never let us have pets when I was growing up. Now I’m convinced it’s because she knew about the family gene.


We can’t keep houseplants or pets alive. Most of my houseplants have slowly been replaced by artificial. I have a few live ones left and I try to leave them alone. The really sad thing is; some of my artificial plants are even losing leaves!


So even though I read a study that said interaction with pets can positively influence children's health, emotional development and schooling and that; 40% of kids with pets sought out their pet if they were upset, 40% looked for their pet if they were bored and 85% regard their pets as a playmate, I was always the one Brittany came to when she was upset or bored and I was her playmate. Who needed a dead pet?


A couple times as an adult I did buy fish. I think they are pretty. But, the last time I came home with 2 gold fish I named one Friday and one June and both were gone by Sunday.


Brittany got hers as a door prize at a party her sorority had. She called me all excited about how cute they were and all the little things she had bought for their fish bowl home. When she told me she named them I knew it wouldn’t end well. She named them Pi and Chi because they were from a Greek party. (Get it?)


A few weeks later she texted me that they were floating upside down.


When I called her she was guilt ridden. She said the water had gotten dirty and she thought maybe they ran head first into each other and died from a concussion. I told her I didn’t think so.


I tried to tell her that fish just don’t live very long, without telling her our family has a bad gene. When she finally said, “Well, maybe I won’t get anymore fish.” I thought we were home free. But, then she said, “Really I’d like a dog. I think as soon as I graduate, that’s what I’ll do.”


I have a year to talk her out of that. In the meantime her 21st birthday is coming up Mother’s Day weekend and she’s coming home for it. I haven’t decided exactly what I’m getting her yet, but I know it won’t be alive!


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