Perspective on the Blessing of Parenting Children

4 years ago

Sometimes when I'm in the trenches of parenting, lost in an issue or a series of sleepless nights, I can forget how awesome it is to be a parent. I can forget what a blessing it is to have these two sons under my roof, to be entrusted with raising them. I can get caught up in pity parties and feeling sorry for myself because, oh my, the tired. Then I read posts like this one from Amanda at Minutes to Moments -- every three months she has to take her son in for an ultrasound as he was diagnosed with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome. She sits and waits to see if two feet appear, just the tech, or if four feet appear, meaning the doctor is coming with bad news.

She shares

So four times a year this day sneaks up on me. I barely give it thought until it is looming in front of me. And then BAM. I look at my Sam and I think about what my life would look like and what my heart would feel like if it was four feet.

But in the midst of this anxiety and worry and what ifs there is a hidden blessing. Every three months I have a built in reminder to stop and hold my babies, both of them, tighter. I have a reminder to slow down and pay a little bit more attention. I have the reminder that one more kiss or one more hug is always OK, even 45 minutes after bed time. Every three months I am reminded of the blessings that I have been entrusted with. And I am reminded that in reality all that stands between any of us and a life turned upside down is a minute – and we may not see that minute coming.

Read on to see how this ultrasound appointment went.

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