Park Moms: Observations from the Playground

3 years ago

At the playground, Kay goes off to play with the first kid she sees (shy she is not), and I get to people watch. Here are some of the personalities I've noticed at the park. Which one are you closest too?

Credit: donnieray.

Over-protective Olivia: "Sweetie, that's too high." "Don't go up there, you might fall." The kid is four-years-old and the parent doesn't want them to so much as go down the slide (too fast) or swing on a swing (too high).

Too-busy Trish: She's busy texting while her kid pushes another kid. Or when he wants a push on the swing. Or when he says, "Look Mom! Look at this!" and she waves him off. The other parents give him some attention out of sympathy.

Play-along Patty: This parent likes to play right along with the kids. She's the one calling "start" to the races and patiently pushing the tire swing after the average person's arm would have fallen off. Full of energy and pep, I always feel lazy around her, but appreciate that she includes all the kids as well as her own.

Go-ahead Gail: You want to splash in that muddle puddle? Go ahead. You want to roll down the grass hill? Knock yourself out. You want to climb the tree? Have fun! She's the mom who doesn't mind a bit of dirt, a bit of noise, even a scraped knee or two.

New best friend Beatrice: Comes and sits down for what you expect will be a pleasant chat filled with small-talk. Oh, no. Dear Beatrice would like to tell you her life story, warts and all. (But don't worry, she'll tell you all about that wart removal she had done too!)

Have you met these fine ladies? Do you see yourself in one or more of these descriptions?

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