Parents, Celebrate the New Year with Revenge

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Has your teenager been a pain in the butt in 2012?  Are they now sleeping it off after New Year's celebrating into the wee hours?  Are you exhausted from being up all night worrying about them, driving them around, hunting them down, holding their head while they're sick?

If so, you're not alone.  This morning is a great opportunity for some childish yet satisfying revenge.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • vacuum, especially right outside their bedroom door.  Make sure to get right up against the door, even if you have to bang into it a few times.  Carpet cleaners are even better as they're noisier.
  • play your music, the stuff they really hate, nice and loud.  But be careful, just loud enough to annoy them, but not so that they'll be suspicious.  Something with a heavy bass beat is good.
  • when they finally get up, greet them with a nice sloppy egg omelet.  Cook it now so the smell is in the house, but put it in the fridge for when they wake up.  A cold sloppy omelet is much more effective than a hot one.
  • talk really loud, cough and laugh a lot when they get up.  The noisier the better.
  • tell them you're not sure but you think you may have accidentally put their phone thru the wash.  This one's good for just a minute or 2, but it's still good.

Important Note:  Play dumb, do not admit to trying to annoy them or they'll double revenge you ... not fun.

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