Parent Yourself First

5 months ago
Kem Lee
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If you want resilient kids, parent yourself first.

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook and recent author of Option B, has beautifully spoken about resiliency within her family after the sudden loss of her husband.

Resilient kids need to know they matter. Kids know they matter when we notice them, care for them and rely on them. Thus, resilient kids have a purpose and rise up when life is tough.

Research had shown that resilient kids are happier teenagers with less rebellion and depression. Resilient kids feel connection and purpose and are able to manage life with grit and trust.

Sandberg’s book and related podcasts have brought depth into my parenting world. I thank you, Sheryl, for opening up your pain and vulnerability to strangers like me. I was inspired this morning to share your words with my morning yoga class for Crossfit men.

The men in this group are all fathers committed to parenting resilient kids. I shared Sandberg’s thoughts on resiliency and then added a thread from my yoga and meditation readings.

If you want resilient kids, parent yourself first. Choose thoughts, words and deeds that remind YOU that YOU matter. Notice what your body needs in activity and nutrition. Care for your heart. Rely on your grown up self. You matter.

May we all be resilient.

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