A Pair Of Dirty Socks

4 years ago
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This past saturday was the Happy Boy's super belated birthday party. His birthday is in January, and as the lazy mom I am, I posponed it for almost 4 months until I had no other choice. A friend and I planned the party for both our sons. We pretty much have the same friends, both of us are single moms and our kids are just one year apart. Even though we planned the whole party in not more than 2 weeks, everything was perfect!

So as soon as we got to the party, the Happy Boy took his shoes off and never put them back on. By the time I realized it, he was running all over the place and his white socks were now brown, covered in dirt. If you are a mom, you will understand how I felt when I saw that. Its not something we do in purpose, but when you are the one that has to hand-wash white socks to keep them spotless, you can't avoid the feeling. I was about to yell "put your damn shoes on!"when I saw his face. He had the biggest smile ever and I couldn't help it but smile.

You see, small things like running around in socks over piles of dirt usually drive me crazy, but when I stop to think and see how my son is having fun with no worries I realize I need to stop worrying and start enjoying the moment. We can always buy new socks, but we can never get back the moments we miss.
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