The Outrageous Demands In My Toddler's Rider

4 years ago
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We’ve all heard the ridiculous requests that famous musicians and movie stars make in their riders right?  You know, the provisions they make in their contracts that say “I’ll be there for the gig but I must have fresh flowers, Nutella filled Oreos and 27 grapes hand peeled by the pope himself, or else”?

Well, once my almost three-year-old heard that Mariah Carey demanded 20 white kittens at appearances, and Madonna gets brand new toilets seats as a precursor to her arrival, there was no stopping him from coming up with his own list of demands that family members must accommodate in order to enjoy his company.  This is the final result:

Toddler Rider

Luckily instead of going into a panic and trying to meet all of these outrageous requests, we gave him some dry cereal and some unsupervised play-doh time and he seems distracted…for now.


Susan Maccarelli

Pecked To Death By Chickens