Our Summer F**k It List

3 years ago
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Last year I made up a Summer Bucket list for my family. With good intentions, I might add. I thought, at the time, that I made it really easy on myself. I only put things on the list that we were probably going to do anyway. Because it was summer, or because it sounded fun. At the time I thought it was going to be really easy to cross every single item off the list before school started. Oh, how I was wrong...

Last year's summer bucket list.

I'm going to say we did half of the list, without being under duress. I'll say we did half of that at our own free will, and then about a fourth were done with me demanding that they be done, driving myself crazy so we could actually complete them. Those were not as much fun as you can imagine. Then there were the ones that just didn't happen. Nope to the lemonade stand. Nope to the night swim. Nope to the night walk to get ice cream.

But guess what? And you probably already know this, my kids have no idea that we failed, as a family, at our Summer Bucket list. They are clueless to the fact that there was even a summer bucket list because, and here is why I'm such a good mother, I never bothered to post it. I think that was done by my subconscious to save me from having to admit to my children that we didn't do something they didn't know we were supposed to do. Even though, we really didn't have to do any of those things. Because I made it up.

Can you see where I'm going with this? It's a made up list of expectations of what I think, and what Pinterest thinks, our summer should consist of. I have some blogger friends that are in the midst of posting their summer bucket lists. Some even have printables. And I love that. And I love them. I love that they are the kind of blogger that plans a summer of magical adventures for their children and their families. And good for you, if you have a summer bucket list and you are wholeheartedly enjoying checking off every item that you have planned for June. You're amazing, I'm serious. But I realized last week that Summer Bucket lists just aren't for me.

My mom never used or wrote a summer bucket list. She worked full time so my summers were spent with my grandma. I spent my summers catching up on General Hospital, grandma's favorite. I spent my summers at the grocery store helping my grandma bag our groceries. I spent summer nights in our apartment complex riding bikes with my friends and waiting for the ice cream truck to come around. My mom spent her summers relaxing and enjoying a break from the school/dance schedule hell she spent nine months being a slave to. We read books and watched movies, and if she got a wild hair up her ass, we'd bake Bisquick biscuits at midnight and watch Saturday Night Live. Without a list in sight, I have the most wonderful memories of unscheduled, fly by the seat of your shorts kind of summers.

Which brings me to this year. I've decided that this family has a Summer F**k It List. Maybe we will get dressed and leave the house, maybe we won't. F**k it. Donuts sound fun, maybe we will leave the house early enough to enjoy them as breakfast food. Maybe we will have a picnic in a park, or maybe we will just eat on the patio at Panera. F**k it. Sure a baseball game sounds nice, but soon it will be 114 degrees, and that's just miserable. A movie sounds nice, but will we have to take a second mortgage out on the house to enjoy it? Homemade ice cream was a hit last year, but that new yogurt place just opened up and, well... F**k it.

Pin me, don't Pin me.. F**k it.

No matter what we do this summer, it will be wonderful and amazing and probably much of the same we do all the time. Summer to me is about sleeping in. It's about eating ice cream at all hours of the night. It's about spending the entire day and most of the night in the pool, until you can't comb a single section of your hair, and you smell funny, but you are so damn happy about it. Summer is about enjoying every single minute of the daylight and every single sliver of the night. Summer is the absence of bedtime, grilled cheese sandwiches at nine o'clock at night, and donuts in pajamas at almost noon.

I'm not completely worthless as a mom. I know we have to do something this summer. I also know it doesn't have to be a blockbuster. It doesn't have to dazzle the little people in this family. It just has to be something we all do together. Even if it's just for a day. Or for an hour. That's why we are so content for now being home. Watching the Amazing World Of Gumball, while eating Cheetos, and destroying the house with blanket forts and play food restaurants. We are quite content with Target trips, memorizing the phone number for pizza delivery, and frozen waffle breakfasts.

Because it doesn't matter if you have a Summer Bucket List or a Summer F**k it list. What matters is that you are enjoying every single minute of summer with the people who matter most. If you can say that, then you are doing it exactly right. No matter what Pinterest says.

So if you never make that sidewalk chalk paint this summer that you pinned two years ago... F**k It.&



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