Our School Are Burning Up

6 years ago

Our schools are on fire and nobody can figure out how to put out the flames to save the lives of the children. Our schools are burning out of control and the match that is igniting the fire is bullying.

Here are some of the reasons why bullying is out of control:

  • Parents are not attempting to build appropriate and well deserved self esteem in their kids.
  • Parents are not teaching their kids coping skills.
  • Parents put too much pressure on kids to have great grades and succeed at sports.
  • Parents don’t oversee the use of technology such as social networking, chat rooms, cell phones and texting.
  • Parents assume that the schools are succeeding in efforts to motivate and supervise their children.
  • Parents allow their children to do whatever “Mary’s” parents let her do.
  • Parents are not approachable.
  • Parents ignore the fact that they must become computer and internet savvy.
  • Parents strut and allow their kids to strut.
  • Parents turn their backs on the signs that their children are involved in bullying either as the bully, the target, the bystander or all three.
  • Parents over react or under react when they hear about bullying.
  • Parents don’t communicate or demand their anti-bullying expectations of the schools.
  • Parents are over worked, over tired, unaware and uninterested.
  • Parents believe that the kind of bullying that existed when they were kids is the same kind of bullying that exists today.
  • Parents are macho and expect their kids to be macho.
  • Parents don’t give consequences or enforce them.

Sorry parents but these are the facts. It’s not someone else’s job to raise your kids to be productive, kind, accepting, understanding, confident and upstanding people. It’s your job. Please take on the challenge. Don’t try to be popular with your kids, just parent them. After all, you care about them and love them. Don’t you?

Claudia Broome | Inspiring Disabled Children


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