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5 years ago
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In the Beginning....

In the beginning, after Little Bird was born, we had no baby schedule/routine.  We basically flew by the seat of our pants and it seemed nobody knew what was going on, most of all Little Bird.  No one was sleeping and it seemed that everyone was crying.  Having a new baby was overwhelming, even more so because we had no idea what to do.  One thing that helped us was a baby schedule, a routine.  By establishing a routine, we knew what needed to happen and Little Bird knew what to expect.  The latter being the most important.

EASY Schedule
Baby routine EASY

At first, no, it was not easy.  We needed to retrain everyone, including my husband.  The hardest part was getting used to the routine and breaking bad habits.

We got the EASY baby schedule from the Baby Whisperer, Tracy Hogg.  (I wrote a review of her book here).  Today, we have adapted it to our schedule.  It fluctuates as Little Bird needs more or less sleep, but the basis stays the same.




Easy routine Easy baby Schedule

In the morning when Little Bird wakes up I immediately change her diaper then we start the day.

8:00 Eat - breakfast

8:30 Activity - change diaper, play, etc.

9:45 Sleep - read stories then lay her down

11:30 Eat - lunch

12:00 Activity

1:15 Sleep

3:00 Eat - snack

3:20 Activity

4:30 Sleep - catnap before dinner.  Sometimes she does this sometimes she doesn't, just depends on the day.

5:30 Eat - dinner

6:00 Activity - bath time or regular playtime (usually daddy/daughter time)

7:30-7:45 Sleep - bedtime routine then down for the night



Above is the stage we are currently at right now.  There are different routines for different ages but they all are in the same order.  Here is a link to the EASY baby schedule for the different ages.  It is also the Baby Whisperer forums where there is a ton of information on the EASY baby schedule as well as other baby related issues.

How Well It Works

For it to work, all caregivers have to be committed.  It doesn't work if one does the routine and one doesn't.  It does take time to get the routine down, but once you keep it going it works wonders.

Today, Little Bird only cries when something is wrong.  We get lots of compliments on how well behaved she is in public.  I am able to take her to my doctors appointments, grocery shopping, and running errands without her screaming.  I do plan my day around her naps and know her limits and I think that is something that helps tremendously.  I also watch for her cues and know when she is ready to have a break down because she has been out to long, this is important also.

Now, everyone is comfortable and knows what to expect. Little Bird is happy and we are happy.  Once we started, and kept to it, the routine worked wonders.

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