Organic Tryouts: Yobaby Organic Yogurt

Organic Tryouts: YoBaby Yogurt by Stonyfield - Blueberry yogurt.  And this time we've got two taste-testers: Myself and Bambina.  More her than me, since I'm still on my weekday vegan attempts to limit my dairy and it's sinus-allergy-hellish side effects.  Don't worry, I still love cheese.  Munster and Colby and Mozzarella, oh yes.  I digress...

Organic juices in organic whole milk; yogurt just for babies (6+ months and up).  Bambina is getting closer  and closer (dear, I really hope so, at least) to weaning age around 1 yr., and so we're slowly adding in some full fat dairy-ness into her diet.  I had seen YoToddler yogurt around (maybe it has fruit chunks?), but hadn't checked it out yet either.  Yobaby has no chunks, but does have organic blueberry juice and organic carrot juice (and no purees in there).  I peeled the lid back and it smelled very blueberry-esque.  I grabbed a spoon and stirred it up.

Since it's full-fat yogurt (with all those tummy-helpful cultures inside), it seemed like the fatty part had separated to the top a bit. So I stirred it some more, and tasted just a tad. tasted just like blueberry yogurt (my favorite flavor from back when I ate yogurt every single day).  Next up, Bambina tasted it.  And she literally gobbled it all up!  I tried giving her a spoon to scoop herself, as I was scooping some for her and she loved it. The girl lurved it!  And we all lived happily ever after.  I'll have to scope out other flavors to try from the store, and once she starts toddling, I'll then check out the Yotoddler varieties.  All organic, woot!

  • Cost: $2.99 for a 4 pack, and it's a baby-sized 4 pack. Like half the size of a regular Yoplait yogurt container or so. It's a 4 pack of 4 oz.  (So they are 1 oz. each, and thinking back to my restaurant days, an easy way to remember 1 oz. in liquid form is it's equal to a full shot glass. Just sayin). But since Bambina has every bit of table food we have now, I pour half into a nifty same-sized container to save for the next meal.  So she gets to eat half of one each meal.  I'm sure it won't be too long before she's demanding all of it, though.  She hasn't rejected a single food we've tried on this BLW trip.
  • Freshness: good.  The expiration date on this pack isn't for another 4 wks.  Usually organic lasts all of 3-4 days in my basic fridge, but since it's individually packaged it lasts longer for everybody.
  • Flavor varieties: blueberry, peach, plain, vanilla, and banana.

I didn't mind tasting it, because if it's something I find horrid or tasteless, I don't really want to feed it to my kids.  I even "taste test" the baby cheetos and so does my husband- just to be sure they haven't gone stale or anything.

Have you tried an organic dairy product like yogurt or cheese?  Did the organic flavors mesh well for you?


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